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Em&Mia replied to topic any one due april 07

Congratulations Everyone!!!! I had an April 2006 baby, so thought I would have a sticky beak! Congrats!!!

Thursday 12 October 04:08am

Em&Mia replied to topic New to goldcoast young mum

Hey Bec! Wow you have finally moved up here yey! Haven't heard from you in ages! I will send you an email take care and hugs to Paige! Em xo

Wednesday 11 October 08:57am

Em&Mia replied to topic hey em and mia

Hey Kim!! Just found this lol! Hope you and Tahlia are going well. Will probably talk to you on messenger tomorrow!!! Will have to organise to get together sometime, maybe will be easier to organis...

Monday 02 October 12:15pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Feeding

Don't worry too much, all babies are different. Some weeks Mia doesnt seem to put on much but then the next she will. As long as you can see thet they are getting bigger in length head circ and put...

Monday 25 September 04:06am

Em&Mia replied to topic Only sleep when held...

Hi.. Have you tried wrapping her? Mia was the same because we never used to wrap her during the day. I think that we had no trouble getting her to sleep at night because she was so tired. It took a...

Monday 28 August 03:56am

Em&Mia replied to topic toning up

Hi... I didnt have a csection, but just a word of advice, wait until after you get checked by your doc at 6 weeks before starting any exercise programs. Take it easy and remember it is only early d...

Saturday 26 August 01:52pm

Em&Mia replied to topic flabby skin!!

Hi Leisha.... The only thing that will help is time... Mine is getting better its not loose anymore, which is great, but its still not the same as the rest of my body. It really depends on your sk...

Tuesday 15 August 06:11pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Baby falls asleep half way through last feed??

Just out of curiosity is Jordy having his recommended daily intake even without finishing that last bottle? Because if he is maybe he just isnt hungry. He would probably wake during the night if he...

Tuesday 08 August 05:17pm

Em&Mia replied to topic young mums on the gold coast

hey kim! just found your post and thought that I would say hi!! let me know when you are getting back from your trip and we can organise to catch up. he he I have been looking for you on here, too...

Sunday 06 August 03:53pm

Em&Mia replied to topic where to find ragdolls

Have you tried markets at all? My MIL got Mia one when she was on holidays in Townsville. Im sure that some other markets would have them as well. Mia uses a stuffed monkey toy as a comforter, it h...

Sunday 06 August 02:44pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Nightime feeding at 3 months?

We used to a lways feed and change Mia when she woke through the night, but found she would wake more often (that said she was always a good sleeper). We no longer change her nappy if she wakes du...

Sunday 06 August 01:40pm

Em&Mia replied to topic 1 month olds weight

from memory Mia was 4.8 at her 1 month check and she had grown 5cm length (to 58cm) 2 cm head circ (to 40cm). She was born 4.122 but dropped heaps before we left hospital cos my milk didnt come in ...

Thursday 03 August 03:57pm

Em&Mia replied to topic bonds wondersuits

I use socks on Mias hands as well. I get these long ones (that come up nearly to the knee) and I use those because they are harder for her to get off. Normal socks were always coming off. They stil...

Thursday 03 August 01:34pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Moving baby to own room.

Hi Sara, I put Mia in her own room from about 2 weeks. She was in the bassinet in our room at first but was such a noisy sleeper that we never got any! She has alwyas slept well at night, but we di...

Thursday 03 August 01:24pm

Em&Mia replied to topic portacots

Hi, Mia has slept in 2 different portacots. One she sleeps perfectly in but the other she will not settle in no matter what we do. The one she settles in has a high sleep position for newborns, but...

Thursday 03 August 01:16pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Is 4 months to young to start solids.

Mia started doing the same thing, she is a bit younger, but I have started her on solids. She has been much happier since. At first I was worried but spoke to my mum and she had started both my sis...

Thursday 03 August 12:55pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Self Settling.

I dont think it is too early. I started around 5 weeks also. Sounds like you did a great job if it only took him 1/2 hour the first time! Mia took around 1/2 to 45mins at first, not crying. Just gr...

Saturday 29 July 11:05am

Em&Mia replied to topic Awake too soon

Hi, Mia was the same at that age, i was getting so upset. I had to learn to leave her for a while. I would leave her for about 5 mins, but of course if she was really distressed I would go in soone...

Saturday 29 July 10:59am

Em&Mia replied to topic How much weight did you lose at birth?

hi jodie, i lost all my weight (plus another 2 kilos) by the time i left the hospital. I had only put on 7kg and Mia was 4.122kg. I think the only reason i lost it all was because i lost tonnes of...

Saturday 17 June 03:35pm

Em&Mia replied to topic Feeling Blue

hi kat, i;m 23 also and my baby girl was born 23/4/06. I know how you feel i find myself laying awake at night after feeds and think to myself she will wake up again soon i just know it. i dont wa...

Tuesday 13 June 05:53pm
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