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MR8D65 replied to topic mums without their mums

i know how you feel i lost my mum last year but she had 2 strokes one on the sunday after dad left the hospital and the main one on the monday morning and she was on life for 24 hrs before we decid...

Wednesday 28 October 12:28pm

MR8D65 replied to topic Development Delay

hi my middle son has develomental delay he is 15 years he went to a main stream kinder and had an aid and then went to a special group to help him with his speech and also did the main stream prima...

Wednesday 28 October 12:22pm

MR8D65 started new topic god parents

i have two sets of god parents for each of my 3 boys now i have a real big problem should i take a set away as they have not contact this child for nearly 7 years and he has chosen not to have anyt...

Wednesday 28 October 12:15pm

MR8D65 replied to topic premmy babies

my name is margaret and first son Bret was born at 29 weeks in may and wasnt due till june that same year he weighed in at 1080 grms or 2lb6oz [Edited on 03/10/2008]

Saturday 04 October 05:05am

MR8D65 started new topic nans death

my mother died on the 17 th of last month and how do i explain to my 3 year old that nan isnt coming back from where she is PLEASE HELP IM RUNNING OUT OF WAYS OF TELLING HIM

Saturday 04 October 04:51am

MR8D65 replied to topic did you have a a Premature Baby

i went to the hospital for a normal check up but then to discover that i had protein and high blood pressure they told me that i had toxima and there and then they put me in and that day i was tra...

Friday 28 September 01:08pm
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