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Aria replied to topic Constipation

DD is 18 months and would get constipated bad (she would be in pain) every so often, and what helps her is diluted prune juice. Went for a docs check up last week and asked him about it and he sai...

Tuesday 15 August 10:34am

Aria replied to topic Winter Sleep and Sleep Bags

DD is 17 months and have two of the sleep bags with the legs. I also put it on just before bed and take it off when she gets up as we have the heater going but I think they are great! I still put...

Saturday 08 July 09:12am

Aria replied to topic Vomits food up when it's slighly lumpy

Hi there, DD 15 months now had and still somtimes has the same problem. She has taken forever to get to lumpy foods. I started to really worry about it and to the point the clinic sent me to a s...

Monday 22 May 10:06am

Aria replied to topic Who else still feeds (breast or bottle) at night?

Hi Molly, DD is 15 months and has stints of sleeping through and then stints of waking up once at night. I have tried not giving her milk and it would take her forever to fall asleep again, so I ...

Sunday 21 May 03:38pm

Aria replied to topic Pointing, clapping and waving

Hi! I wouldnt worry too much about it. Look at his overall development. DD is 15 months but was waving at about 5 months and pointing and clapping a little while after that. All a bit un-co at ...

Thursday 04 May 07:57am

Aria replied to topic Stranger Danger

hi Kylie, DD is 14 months and sometimes is social with strangers, she will smile at them, wave but never really gone up to them unless I am there with her. She is always making sure I am there an...

Wednesday 26 April 09:20am

Aria replied to topic How To Keep A 15mth Happy

Hi there, I have a DD 14 months and she is exactly the same. If I sit there with her she will play with the toys but bring out books etc. If I go into the kitchen she will come looking for me a...

Sunday 23 April 03:15pm

Aria replied to topic won't sleep under blankets

Hi, I posted a similar question on keeping warm at night the other day. I had all great advice so I went out and bought the sleeping bags but the ones that have the legs in them as she hated the ...

Wednesday 12 April 03:53pm

Aria started new topic How to keep warm at night

Hi, DD is 14 months and moves around a lot while she sleeps so that means she does not stay under the covers. She is still in a cot. Just wondering what other people do to keep baby warm as the c...

Tuesday 04 April 09:38am

Aria started new topic When to stop boiling water first

Hi Everyone, Just a quick question on when it is o.k to stop boiling the water first. DD is 14 months and I still boil her water first for formula (still on formula, but moving slowly on to milk) ...

Tuesday 04 April 09:32am

Aria replied to topic toddler activities

Hi Tanya, There is an organisation called Gymbarroo that my DD attends once a week. She is 13 months but I do know they have sessions for older kids. There is a web site on them, I think if you ...

Wednesday 08 March 11:07am

Aria replied to topic puree forever?

Hi Emma, DD is also 12 months and vomits with lumps! However she does only drink 3 bottles a day each approx 240ml. The finger food does go in the mouth but nothing from there and yep as you s...

Saturday 04 March 10:57am

Aria replied to topic correct procedure for transition of 2 to 1 naps per day?

Hi Tassie, DD is 12 months and has one sleep most days now depending on what time she gets up in the morning. If she is up at 6.00am or before, she will have another sleep and get up anywhere bet...

Thursday 23 February 10:46am

Aria replied to topic how much does your 1 year old weigh?!

DD was one on 4th Feb and weighs 9.6kgs and 79cms long.

Thursday 23 February 10:31am

Aria started new topic won't eat chunky food

Hi, DD is 12 months old and still won't eat anything chunky. She will vomit it all back up. Soft lumps is o.k but anything bigger does not go down right. I have been told to give finger food, bu...

Thursday 23 February 09:21am

Aria replied to topic Anyone In Tuggeranong area?

Hi Mel2 We have a DD 12 months and live in Bonython. Which suburb are you in? Jen

Thursday 23 February 06:58am

Aria replied to topic who holds the record for not sleeping thru???

Hi, new to this site, what a great site! Anyway, I have DD who is 12 months and only lately has started to sleep through. She will sleep through probably 5 out of the 7 nights. Well has for the ...

Wednesday 22 February 12:02pm
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