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jeffbo started new topic Trauma causing regression in the poo states

Help! We have a 3 year old with issues. He toilet trained in 3 days last Dec - no issues at all with poos or wees until a couple of weeks when he suddenly stopped doing poos. After several days of ...

Thursday 05 February 05:55pm

jeffbo replied to topic what do i do please help

Hi there My first was like yours - he ate and ate so long as it was pureed. I never managed to get him to eat chunky/mashed food. At 12 months he mastered finger food and from there he eventually s...

Saturday 17 May 10:18am

jeffbo started new topic 8 month old who still will not eat

Hi there Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and can suggest what to do My second child is 8.5 months and will not eat. I started introducing food at 5.5 months and she gagged and...

Saturday 17 May 10:01am

jeffbo replied to topic need some advice on prams for a 10mth and n/born

Hi there Saw this post and HAD to respond. Now I'm sure I'm in the minority but I have the Phil and Ted and HATE it. Why? Basically I had the second child from hell - reflux, screaming, who hated ...

Saturday 17 May 09:46am

jeffbo started new topic Wakes screaming - nightmares/night terrors?

Hi there Once every couple of weeks my 8 month old wakes screaming hysterically, usually around 9.30pm (he goes to bed at 7pm). He is a very good self settler and always puts himself to sleep with...

Wednesday 09 August 01:12pm

jeffbo started new topic Daylight saving - no success with delay to sleep

Hi there My four month old on a good day goes to bed at 6pm, wakes at 5.30am for a feed, plays for a while then back to sleep until 8am. On a bad day its 5pm, 4.30am, 7am. With daylight saving fin...

Friday 31 March 03:27pm

jeffbo started new topic Day light saving -too young for delaying to sleep

My four month old is very predictable in his routinue and goes to be between 5-6pm at the moment for his evening sleep. He then wakes between 4-5am for a feed then back to sleep til between 7-8am. ...

Tuesday 28 March 03:43pm

jeffbo replied to topic LAZY DAD? or whingy mum?

Hi there Definitely a lazy Dad. There's a book called raising boys that you and your partner should read as not only is he being lazy but he's settling a bad example for your child. Its really imp...

Wednesday 08 March 01:11pm

jeffbo replied to topic Playing in the middle of the night

Hi there Our 3 month old son sometimes unwraps himself during the night and kicks the wrap plus the sheets to the bottom of the bed while playing. He then "calls" when he's ready to go back to sle...

Monday 06 March 04:43pm

jeffbo replied to topic Tip Toe while baby sleeps

We had some great advice early on and that was to have a radio on our little one's bedroom in the daytime so he gets used to sleeping with noise. Apparently it also helps them distinguish between d...

Sunday 05 March 09:18am

jeffbo replied to topic was sleeping through now waking 2-3 times, what happened?

Hi there I have a 13 week old doing the same thing. Best thing we can figure is that he was hungry so we've increased his feeds (he's bottle fed). I've been told that breastfed babies basically wak...

Sunday 05 March 09:12am

jeffbo started new topic Loss of routinue at 3 months

Hi. I have a son who is 3 months old. Until now he has had a predictable routinue with one night feed and very few settling issues (ie he puts himself to sleep and doesn't need rocking etc). He had...

Friday 03 March 01:55pm
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