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*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic to the old members, who remember Lachlans*Mum

I am so sorry and sad to see this post. This lady was so lovely and was one of the first mums to welcome me to huggies all those years ago. My thoughts and love are with her beautiful family xxx

Wednesday 31 August 03:33am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Anyone with children who suffer

Hi! I am sorry you are having a hard time at the moment. You sound like a great mum who has tried everything!! Have you ever thought of trying "alternative" therapies. I have heard of several pe...

Friday 18 February 09:40am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Cars for 3 kids

We have a 2010 Subaru Liberty Sports Wagon and we can fit our three across the back, two booster seats and a baby seat. We love it.

Saturday 08 January 02:14am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Mum of 2 needing some help

I just voted too!! Good luck!!

Monday 06 December 07:20pm

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic How does fatigue affect you?

I too get angry when tired and also have a short fuse. I also find I cry at the drop of a hat and EAT CONSTANTLY. I crave crap, sugar and caffeine mostly, and I eat it all day long!! No wonder I ca...

Sunday 31 October 02:05am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Good Morning

Good morning! Much on for the day? Weather not looking so good here today so probably just relaxing at home with some DVD's. Might try and get a nanny nap in as bub was awake ALOT last night!! Hav...

Saturday 23 October 08:18pm

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Chiro's and Osteo's for babies???

I would be reluctant to take a young child or baby to the chiro as I've always felt once you start seeing a chiro, they move things that shouldn't be moved which may help temporarily but in the lo...

Wednesday 06 October 01:57am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Chiro's and Osteo's for babies???

Hi Em! I have had great success with chiropractors and my children. Adjustments have helped my girls with sleeping and feeding issues as babies. As they have gotten older they have been helped wit...

Wednesday 06 October 12:08am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Just Curious

DH is 3 months younger than me. He is my toyboy!!!

Tuesday 05 October 07:11pm

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Due September 2010

Hi all! I haven't been posting here for sooo long but have been using the WHAB facebook page instead. My precious bundle was born on the 16th September. We are both great although she was posterio...

Thursday 23 September 10:52pm

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic how long had you been with your DP/DF/DH

We were together 10 years before having DD #1. I would have started trying a few years earlier but my DH wasn't ready.

Tuesday 31 August 02:14am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic I have some very exciting news from Mum2Ryder


Monday 30 August 06:45pm

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Does anyone live in or around Bendigo?

Hi! I live in Bendigo! Grew up here and moved away for uni etc. Moved back here 2 years ago from Melbourne as we had our beautiful girls and were not enjoying Melbourne anymore!!(Traffic, housing ...

Thursday 26 August 10:55pm

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic What's it going to take!??

Hi, I am so sorry that you are in pain. Have you tried alternative therapies? A naturopath and/or herbalist combined with chiropractic adjustments could really help. Your body/immune system is ob...

Friday 06 August 01:36am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Cohens diet

Hi! I did this program last year and lost quite a lot of weight. I am pregnant now!! I would recommend it highly however I did encounter a few health issues on the program and it was tough, you re...

Wednesday 04 August 02:59am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Chronic Constipation

Hello! I have heard that chiropractic can really help constipated babies/children. Good luck!!

Thursday 29 July 02:23am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Turning Twins

Hello! Check out this website: It may have some ideas for you. Good luck!!

Wednesday 28 July 02:46am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic preparing for baby #3

Wow!! I didn't start this thread but want to say a big thank you all so much for some awesome tips for coping with 3 or more children. I am expecting number 3 in September and am starting to get a ...

Wednesday 09 June 02:22am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Baby and Chiropractor

Hi! I have taken both my DD's to the chiro the week they were born!! Both were unsettled and were having trouble breastfeeding. It helped them both SOOOOO much. It is totally safe and is very gent...

Sunday 06 June 05:23am

*~Mumtogirls~* replied to topic Anyone mid to late 30's and expecting???

Hi Peta! I will be 35 when my bub #3 is born, third little girl for us!! I hate the way that people will feel disapointed for us because she's not a boy but my husband and I are over the moon and ...

Sunday 06 June 05:12am
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