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jennimum started new topic Walking (Warning-ramblings of proud Mum in this post!)

Hi, Just had to share with you all that DS has finally started walking this week It started with a couple of steps, now he has managed from one end of the lounge to the other! We bought him some ...

Sunday 01 October 03:47pm

jennimum replied to topic Trapped!!

Hi Scalimum, I had this problem for a while. It got better when I started doing a bit of part time work at weekends and DH had to look after our son. At first he used to drive over to visit his par...

Sunday 01 October 03:31pm

jennimum replied to topic What meals and snacks do you give your 10 month old?

Hi, It's easy to start worrying with the constant changes they go thru, if your baby seems happy, then you are doing a great job! I used to give the following at 10 mths: 7.30-8 am Brekky- 1.5 wee...

Monday 11 September 03:02pm

jennimum replied to topic Mum's Group Guilt

Hi Jules, I never heard of any mothers groups around here, but I think there are some. When Bubs got to about 6 mths I started thinking about playgroups.....eventually when he was 9 mths we started...

Monday 11 September 02:39pm

jennimum replied to topic Night nappy leakage

Hi, Congratulations with the sleep! I found that this happened to my son too, he was sleeping on his side and I think it just leaked right out. I moved him onto his back......and he now sleeps on h...

Monday 11 September 02:29pm

jennimum replied to topic In your opinion what is the best weight lose plan

Hi Kellie, In my opinion (and that's all it is) the best way to lose weight is not to diet as they are so hard to stick to, also what happens when you are not on the 'diet'? Join a gym, make sure t...

Thursday 07 September 09:31am

jennimum replied to topic Nappy Changing Woes

Hi, It is not dumb, it's a very real problem! Also, as you have to do it several times a day, extremely annoying. I found my wee man goes thru phases, being good and not bothering about it, then at...

Thursday 07 September 09:09am

jennimum replied to topic Linea Nigra (dark line)

I got the line & had a boy!

Wednesday 02 August 02:38pm

jennimum replied to topic True or false?? Please help

Rubbish! I exclusively breastfed. Every 3.5 hours for first couple of months, then about every 4 hours, apart from teatime when he used to feed on and off for a couple of hours- I thought my boobs ...

Wednesday 26 July 03:35am

jennimum replied to topic portacots

Hi Shelley, We were on hols and used one when my DS was about 6/7 mths, I took his bedding and any toys he had in his own cot and he was fine. The extra blanket for underneath is a good idea though...

Sunday 23 July 02:27pm

jennimum replied to topic Moving baby to own room.

Hi Sara, Our DS was in his own room right from the start, we had a monitor, but don't use it now he is 1! If you feel he will be ok, then the daytime sleeps sounds like a good idea, then you can mo...

Sunday 23 July 02:19pm

jennimum replied to topic sore back

Hi, I have just ordered a book called "Basic Back Care" by Dr Mary Pullig Schatz. This was recommended to me by several friends and, although I cannot tell you myself, I thought you would appreciat...

Sunday 23 July 02:14pm

jennimum replied to topic toddler tantrums

Hi Sophie, I can't help you but wanted to let you know that ALL the kids at our playgroup hit each other at various times! Sorry for no answers, but I haven't had to deal with it yet.

Saturday 22 July 07:51am

jennimum replied to topic Will not drink water

HI Sara, My DS was Bfed but wouldn't drink water at that age either. He started to like it about 6/7 mths, now loves it so I wouldn't worry too much. As long as there are plenty of wees coming out,...

Saturday 22 July 07:49am

jennimum replied to topic Has anyone..... ?

Hi Apryl, I did this when I had a few glasses of wine with visitors! Just expressed the next whole day (quite a lot to keep up supply) drank loads of water and then started again BF the day after! ...

Saturday 22 July 07:46am

jennimum replied to topic From cooing to squealing....

Hi Apryl, Yes I think it is developmental as my nurse checked that he was doing those high pitched squeals! I know it's not very nice to listen to, but it doesn't last forever....just try and ignor...

Thursday 20 July 04:12am

jennimum replied to topic Won't eat farex, what else can I give for breakfast??

Hi Cheryl, My DS hated farex, he liked baby muesli, and now has weetbix every morning. Occaisionally has porridge but weetbix is the main one, I used ordinary milk from about 7/8 mths and no proble...

Wednesday 19 July 09:57am

jennimum replied to topic Teething reflief

Hi Quin, My DS is now 12 months and still teething, but not too bad really. I know that he really likes something cool to chew on such as a piece of carrot or apple, make it big enough so that they...

Wednesday 19 July 09:44am

jennimum replied to topic car seats

Hi Kyze, I did it at about 7/8 mths, I think. Funny how I've started to forget everything already!!

Wednesday 19 July 04:12am

jennimum replied to topic what do other mums think....?

I agree with Robynne, up the formula a bit and wait on the solids, your baby knows how hungry he is. Great weight gain (my baby gained about a kilo insome motnths, less in others) is what I have al...

Sunday 16 July 10:19am
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