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mummyofone replied to topic When the initials go!

Maybe it's meant to be, If you are concerned is it possible to drop one of his middle names??? if they are significant, leave it, it sounds really cute anyway.

Monday 27 November 01:47pm

mummyofone replied to topic what do you think about.....

Saraya Susan is a nice girly name, very different, i like it.

Monday 27 November 01:45pm

mummyofone started new topic Anyone have a hard time with family when baby was born?

I was just wondering if any one else has had issues with family members when baby was born? and how did you deal with it?

Saturday 25 November 11:07am

mummyofone replied to topic Has anyone fallen pregnant while still breastfeeding?

I haven't experienced that myself, but a very good friend of mine has. She fell pregnant with baby #2 when baby #1 was 3 months old, and she was still breast feeding! Any thing is possible!!! lol ...

Saturday 25 November 10:24am

mummyofone replied to topic i love pink cupcakes

That's cute. Is it a pregnancy craving? i liked pink donuts when i was pregnant , i hate donuts!!! yuk

Saturday 25 November 10:21am

mummyofone replied to topic Stitch type pains in left side?

Good idea getting it checked by a dr, i had similar pains when i was pregant with my baby, who is now 11 months old, my obstetrician said it was quite possibly, stretching ligament pain. Depending ...

Saturday 25 November 10:18am

mummyofone replied to topic Just found out it's triplets

WOW, CONGRATULATIONS. An instant family. That's fantastic. You will definately have your hands full. But you have a little helper.That will be fun for her. 3 little babies to love and look after. ...

Saturday 25 November 10:12am

mummyofone replied to topic When does your breast milk come in????

g'day i was leaking colostrum from about 34 weeks when i was pregnant with my baby. Then my milk came in 2 days after he was born. And dried up 5 weeks later. Not very fair at all. Good Luck

Saturday 25 November 09:16am

mummyofone replied to topic Bottle Feeding Advice Please

Hi, I used S-26 Gold alpha pro for my baby because i was having alot of trouble breast feeding, and that's what they gave me in hospital, It seemed to make him really spewy. so when he was 5 mont...

Saturday 25 November 09:12am

mummyofone replied to topic Breech Baby....Info Needed!

Hi, My baby was also breech until 39 weeks! He turned and i felt the whole thing. At 37 week check up he was breech, and my obstetrician said that he might need to book me in for a c-section to b...

Saturday 25 November 08:59am

mummyofone replied to topic Why is everyone having caesareans!!

Yep, i have noticed that alot of people are having caesareans too. Me being one of them. I don't want to sound rude either but, it might not be that people can't give birth naturally, but troubles...

Saturday 25 November 08:43am

mummyofone replied to topic He won't sleep in his cot!!!

hi, doesn't sound like your having much fun. I was told by a baby sleep expert to put baby in his cot while he's awake. stand there beside him put him on his side facing away from you and gently b...

Wednesday 07 June 07:02am

mummyofone replied to topic What formula to use??

It's hard to say which formula would be best. If you want him to feel fuller longer maybe try something with a thickner in it or get some Karicare food thickner and add it to any formula. Not a goo...

Wednesday 07 June 06:11am

mummyofone replied to topic pet names for unborn babies?!

I had a few names for my little boy while i was pregnant, Bubba, Bubba-boo, boo, peanut, munchkin, lil monkey and bubby. i still call him Boo or bubba-boo, he is 15 weeks old now. he laughs every t...

Wednesday 05 April 11:38am

mummyofone replied to topic middle name

Hi, Jorja is such a cute name. What do you think of these as middle names?? Rose, Hope, Maree, Anne, That's a hard one! Good luck.

Wednesday 08 March 11:53am

mummyofone replied to topic Anyone married to one of these

Hi! yep, i understand completely!! My husband leaves at 7:00am gets home any where between 4:45pm and depending on work committments, possibly the next morning. He says he is sore and tired and h...

Saturday 04 March 12:23pm

mummyofone replied to topic new young dad

Hi "new young dad." i'm a new mum, my little boy is 10 weeks old, And his dad is a bit like you. It's normal to feel overwhelmed about the new baby thing. I was exactly the same. What would you li...

Saturday 04 March 11:54am

mummyofone replied to topic sleeping to the left side only!!!!!

Hi, I have a 10 week old boy, i had the same problem, he would only sleep on the left. I started to put him on a blanket on the floor and approached him from the right, to make him move his head, b...

Saturday 04 March 11:48am

mummyofone replied to topic breastfeeding

Hi, I have a baby boy that is 10 weeks old. I was breast feeding him for about 3 weeks. I found it really difficult because my nipples are flat and it was really hard trying to attach him, i found ...

Saturday 04 March 11:40am

mummyofone replied to topic Sophie needs a middle name

Hi CONGRATULATIONS! I would have to agree with the name Lee, My middle name is Lee and i love it. Don't really think anything works with Sophie as well as Lee. Good Luck!

Saturday 04 March 11:27am
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