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zeb replied to topic Solids and Self Weaning Help

breast refusal and fussiness can be very frustrating and upsetting, but it is sometimes just a passing phase. any foods that you introduce to your bub other than breastmilk will lower her apetite ...

Thursday 18 January 05:04pm

zeb replied to topic Breastfeeding with teeth

ouch! it sounds like you have had some small success with different positions for feeds. perhaps it would help to look at what is different positioning wise with the sore breast and the not sore b...

Tuesday 16 January 08:32pm

zeb replied to topic HELP! Can't establish routine for 7 month old.

alexg, it sounds like you are getting really stressed about your bubs behaviour. it can be so important to have good support networks as a mum. try this link

Thursday 19 October 10:53am

zeb replied to topic 4 month old driving me crazy with 4min feeds!

it can feel like just when you get the hang of it they go ahead and change! babies do change their routines a lot throughout the first year and there can be manyvariables that can affect this. a ...

Thursday 19 October 10:27am

zeb replied to topic Worried about breast feeding

hi meerkat, when breastfeeding the nipples are actually well back in the bubs mouth and it is the aereola that is 'milked'. so as long as bub is attached well you should find it doesn't hurt. some ...

Wednesday 11 October 06:17pm

zeb replied to topic Some breastfeeding advice would be good :D

hi katkat, sounds like you are starting to feel real stressed about your supply. breastfeedign can take a bot to get the hang of, especially ontop of being a new mum, cesearian(sp) and lack of sle...

Sunday 08 October 05:52pm

zeb replied to topic colic and breatfeading

perhaps you could elaborate on your experience? do you mean she had less colicky crying after feeding? or less crying in between feeds? or did she feed better with less crying during feeds? it sou...

Sunday 08 October 05:23pm

zeb replied to topic milk drying up

milk supply workd on a suplpy and demand system, so the more often you feed the more milk you will make, as long as bub is attaching properlly and draining the breast well. if you are just breastf...

Saturday 07 October 04:14pm

zeb replied to topic Wot 2 do ???

hi, pain breastfeeding is awful isn't it. the burning sounds like it could be a few things, possible thrush, best to get it checked out by your gp. as for the attachment, teasing bubs to open mo...

Saturday 07 October 03:55pm

zeb replied to topic STILL Breastfeeding?? Why is everyone so shocked??

well done on the breastfeeding anna -lisse. breastfeeding is th normal way to feed our babies, unfortunately our culture isn't supportive enough of this, many people still don't grow up seeing babi...

Friday 06 October 01:12pm

zeb replied to topic Breast and bottle feeding? (expressed milk in the bottle)

it is generally recomended to wait about 6 weeks before introducing a bottle to allow your bub time to learn how to breastfeed. some babies do go easily betwen breast and bottle but for some the in...

Tuesday 03 October 05:22pm

zeb replied to topic Hungry Babies

it's great that you found something that works for you drummies. in the interests of letting mums know about hungry babies.... being hungry is a normal behaviour for an infant. it is not a 'proble...

Tuesday 03 October 05:46am

zeb replied to topic Desperate to breast feed!

hi . congrats on your pregnancy. subscribing to the australian breastfeeding association is a great place to start if you plan to breastfeed. at the moment you will get a free copy of their breast...

Friday 29 September 06:26am

zeb replied to topic Sore Nipples

hi cookiemoo, ouch! it can be painful when that happens. sometimes using a cold teether, facewasher for bubs to bite and chew before feds can help to soothe those sore gums and lessen the biting, o...

Thursday 28 September 06:26pm

zeb replied to topic Is there anything positive?

sounds like your son did get 7 weeks of breastmilk, that's a really great achievment, especially when it sounds like it wasn't easy for you. baby formulas were designed to save babies lives when t...

Monday 25 September 05:51pm

zeb replied to topic Starting on Formula - cost each week??

hi beth, it sounds like you are finding breastfeeding very difficult at the moment. it really can be a struggle to get it happenning in the beginning. it may be worthwhile trying to find a lactatio...

Friday 15 September 05:08pm

zeb replied to topic How many people ween onto formula, and at what age?

i have never used formula. if breastfeeding is going well there is no need for bubs to use formula. breastmilk is the biiologically normal way for a baby to feed. in Australia i think that about ...

Thursday 14 September 07:20am

zeb replied to topic bottom lip wont turn up

getting positioning and attachment right can be so hard in the beginning. i would agree with seeing someone who is a specialist , it can sometimes take some hands on help or someone to be watching ...

Monday 11 September 08:25am

zeb replied to topic soy vs lactose free formula

an allergiy to cows milk protein is often confused with lactose intolerance and causes many allergic type syptoms. a special prescription formula is often used , maybe talk to a gp or pediatrician...

Tuesday 22 August 05:49pm

zeb replied to topic Allergic reaction to formula

it does sound like some sort of reaction. perhaps you could try expressing ans storing some breastmilk for the times you are away from your baby. exclusively breastfeeding until 6mths can lower the...

Tuesday 22 August 05:38pm
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