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Carmy replied to topic does your 12mth old eat wot u eat????

Our 12mth old eats what we eat with no problems. She eats prawns, calamari, fish, fruit, chilli, stirfrys chicken, no red meat as we don't eat it but she did have it at her grans and she spat it st...

Wednesday 12 July 06:12pm

Carmy replied to topic terrible professional photos??

Hey Mimmy, Tell the chemist you weren't impressed and that if are disappointed withe the photos let them know as well. If they are a professional company that took the photos put in a complaint to...

Tuesday 02 May 06:53pm

Carmy replied to topic How long were u on waiting lists?

Kindy?? As in daycare?? I thought kindy didn't start until they were about 3/4.

Sunday 16 April 06:24pm

Carmy started new topic The best thing I bought or was given....

Thought I would start this thread in line with "I wish I was told" It can be something as simple as snappy nappies... gotta love them Or something bigger such as installing a dishwasher 2 days b...

Monday 10 April 07:17pm

Carmy replied to topic Birthday Ideas this way please.....

We are just going to have picnic in a park, easy for us no cleaning. We picked up a big Fisher and Price toy that converts into other shapes. We picked it up on sale. Oh and lots of clothes, sizes ...

Monday 10 April 05:35pm

Carmy replied to topic how late are you?

HEY I TOTALLY AGREE Although we don't do night feeds... but the hubby gets pretty annoyed!!!!!

Tuesday 28 March 10:31pm

Carmy replied to topic Baby Sign Language

Hey dark and stormy The number I got is a brissie no. but they might know about a sydney one 07 55805586 Good luck

Tuesday 28 March 08:28pm

Carmy replied to topic Broom Broom Baby!!!

We took DD 4wd the other week, we were going up a hill almost sideways cause of it being really muddy and slippery adn we just hear this little tiny giggle coming out of the back seat. I know it wa...

Sunday 26 March 11:27pm

Carmy replied to topic CRADLE CAP

Hey Mimmy My little had cradle cap. She also lost her beautiful hair as well. We stopped using Johnson and Johnson baby head to toe and switched to Alpha Keri body wash. Also we used olive oil on ...

Sunday 26 March 10:05pm

Carmy replied to topic Baby Sign Language

Hey darkand stormy My playgroup did a baby signing {tiny talk} class. They recommend the baby should be waving and clapping for the best results. It is good. Research has shown that babies with de...

Wednesday 22 March 09:44pm

Carmy replied to topic What to do if baby doesn't take food?

Hey Gizmo My DD won't eat her veges if they are mixed together. I have to keep everything seperate. She also blows hot and cold somedays she will scoff, say her carrots then the next day jams her ...

Wednesday 22 March 09:10pm

Carmy replied to topic How do you get bub to drink water or diluted juice?

We started giving bub water pretty much from the day she was born. Now she will drink up to 250mls a day. She is not overly thrilled with the diluted juice but is taking a few sips a day. Myself a...

Wednesday 22 March 08:59pm

Carmy replied to topic Do Men Change??

Hey cadygirl Just checking in and seeing how it is going..... Mine is improving being a bit more helpful but still blowing hot and cold. He is interacting more with bubba and helping with the hous...

Wednesday 22 March 08:44pm

Carmy replied to topic 'Above Average' babes

Hey charmzy19 Thanksfor the topic. DD held her head up at the hospitial at 2days old. Rolled at 3mths crawled at 5 1/2mths, now at 9 mths trying seriously hard to walk. Says Dad (not dada), hey y...

Saturday 18 March 11:06pm

Carmy started new topic Baked bean recipe

Does any one have a baked bean recipe??? We tried DD on tinned stuff but I didn't like the metallic taste of the sauce. She wasn't overly thrilled either.She is used to homemade stuff but she needs...

Wednesday 15 March 09:22pm


I had opposite problem.. I had to give my DD back time. She slept on her belly (gasp... horrors) and spent most of her time on her belly, so back time.She hated it, she couldn't see what was going ...

Tuesday 14 March 11:23pm

Carmy replied to topic Entertaining a 7 month old

dd is now 9mths but she loves to sit at our open front door with toys she has dragged over with her and watch the trucks and cars go by. The dog runs up and down the fence chasing trucks and motorb...

Tuesday 14 March 11:10pm

Carmy started new topic Cervical Lip

I got thru my whole labour after getting my waters broken after 4 days of on and off labour, then developed a cervical lip at 9cms. They could see bubs head but wouldn't dilate any further, so ende...

Tuesday 07 March 09:48pm

Carmy replied to topic Do Men Change??

Hey Caddy I am seriously having the same problems.... We have rarely fought but lately, man, I can't do anything right or say anything without getting my head bitten off. I used to have this sweet ...

Tuesday 07 March 09:15pm

Carmy replied to topic was sleeping through now waking 2-3 times, what happened?

My DD slept thru the night from about 7 wks but has started waking about 2 or 3 times a night when she was 6mths old. She kept this up for about 2mths now we just ignore her adn she usually goes ba...

Tuesday 07 March 08:58pm
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