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Kirkle34 replied to topic carpal tunnel symptons

Hi - Thanks girls! I also happen to live in one of the coldest parts of New Zealand (country South Island) and we are in for a cold, snowy winter so I suspect it could be a long and painful pregnan...

Thursday 29 May 02:26am

Kirkle34 started new topic carpal tunnel symptons

Hi, I have just discovered at 21 weeks preggers that I have developed carpal tunnel symptons in my fingers on my right hand. I never had this with my first pregnancy but apparently it is quite comm...

Tuesday 27 May 10:38am

Kirkle34 replied to topic Boys names? i cant think of any

I was thinking for a son Evijaan, Ali, Evander and good old Oliver for my baby but turns out I am having another girl and are set on Isla Mae. I love the old names! My first dd is Elsie Rose.

Tuesday 27 May 10:25am

Kirkle34 replied to topic My 2 year old refuses to sleep in his own room.

I too totally understand. I am a single mum (always have been) to a 19 month old daughter. She was the absolute perfect baby, sleeping through at six weeks etc, but since hitting toddlerville she p...

Tuesday 29 May 09:50am

Kirkle34 started new topic Tantrum's EVERYDAY

My DD is almost 16 months old and I am going absolutely crazy with her tantrums. I have read and re-read every bit of material I could find written by the so called experts but I would really love ...

Saturday 10 February 12:32pm

Kirkle34 replied to topic Toilet Training

My DD is almost 15 months old and has just started to point "down there" and makes funny noises (like Mr Bean!) when she is having a wee and stands very still while she does it. I have taken it as ...

Saturday 13 January 04:25pm

Kirkle34 replied to topic October toddlers?

Hi Alice - My name is Kirsty and my little girl Elsie turned one on the 14th October, I am absolutely shocked at how fast time has gone! She is the absolute apple of my eye and I just love watching...

Wednesday 18 October 05:55am

Kirkle34 replied to topic chicken pox

Hi Veronica When my DD was six months old she was around a little girl who had chicken pox but for some reason she never caught them. At the time I researched it as I had the same questions as y...

Monday 28 August 08:11am

Kirkle34 replied to topic weight

Hi becs mum - Sounds like you have a healthy little angel to me. She appears to be eating and drinking well and soooo active, lol! They grow so fast it's incredible, to think it wasn't long ago and...

Wednesday 23 August 06:42am

Kirkle34 replied to topic is 6 months too old??

Hi Kyze - Whoever said your son should be sleeping through at six months has rocks in their head! Basically what it comes down to is yep some babies will sleep through and others just won't. There ...

Tuesday 22 August 09:59am

Kirkle34 replied to topic when to brush????

Hi Kate, my DD is 10mths old and has two little teeth. At bathtime I give her her own toothbrush to play with so she will eventually get the idea of what it is for. And I rub a little bit of toothp...

Monday 21 August 01:36pm

Kirkle34 replied to topic Unsolicited Advice Grrrrrrrrr

Hi ellicat, My biggest gripe is the comments/advice I receive from NON-parents! I was lucky enough to have a baby who slept through the night until she hit nine months of age and then was up two t...

Monday 21 August 06:01am

Kirkle34 started new topic Teething NIGHTMARE

Hi wise ones!! I am having a shocking time with my DD while teething (well thats what I think it is). She is almost 10 months old and got her first tooth three weeks ago. Up until that point she h...

Friday 11 August 03:06am

Kirkle34 replied to topic How old was your baby when they started holding their own bottle of milk and feeding themselves

Hiya Josy!! Kirsty here - and yep Elsie is still in the same exact stage as Nichole! God they are funny. She will hold her bottle occasionally and then other times won't have a bar of it. Same goes...

Thursday 20 July 06:29am

Kirkle34 replied to topic 7 MONTHS AND NOT ROLLING ALOT

Hi Josy, my DD was born on the exact same day as your DD and is at the EXACT same stage in her development!! Reading your post could of been one I wrote myself. Don't worry our darlings will probab...

Thursday 25 May 01:29pm

Kirkle34 replied to topic from breastfeeding to bottle

Yep that sure is tough. This may sound quite tedious and expensive but a friend of mine had the same issue and ended up buying every different shaped teet on the market until she found one her DD w...

Tuesday 09 May 02:19pm

Kirkle34 replied to topic new pop up lids by hugGIES

I don't think we have them in NZ yet, hopefully soon as they do sound really good!! I also saw them advertised in the Practical Parenting mag from Oz. My DD is at that age where she is starting t...

Saturday 06 May 07:58am

Kirkle34 replied to topic Smelly Feet, Smelly Breath??

Unfortunately I can't offer any suggestions for smelly feet as we live in cold old Christchurch so DD always needs sox! But as far as the teeth go my Plunket nurse said as soon as they get teeth ...

Saturday 06 May 07:55am

Kirkle34 started new topic sterilising bottles

Hi ladies! Elsie is a bottles fed bub and has been since she was six weeks old, at the time I had been told I would only need to sterilise them until she was six months. Is this true? She is now s...

Tuesday 02 May 10:16am

Kirkle34 replied to topic Why the big issue with Breast vs Formula

AGREED!! Enough is enough, a baby will grow up and be themselves regardless of how they have been fed!

Tuesday 02 May 10:07am
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