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Member608468 replied to topic it's happening!!

Congrats to you and your friend. I am turning 43 this year in September. I am unable to conceive. My husband and I are trying since a long time ago now. My doctor even told us that it has nothing t...

Tuesday 28 August 08:54pm

Member608468 replied to topic Trouble bonding during pregnacy

I do not understand the reason you are unattached to your baby! How are you going to love him/her? It is a part of you. Maybe this was uncalled for. Don't worry I think the attachment will be ...

Sunday 26 August 08:42pm

Member608468 replied to topic Need Help

You do not need to be ashamed of yourself! This problem is universal. So many women face it. I am one of them. I emailed lotus to clear my doubts. They are sending me with more questions. I am more...

Sunday 26 August 03:01am

Member608468 replied to topic pregnancy test is negative

Sweetheart, don't lose hope. Don't do that. You have to be faithful. I felt same when Lotus did not respond. Everything will be fine. Try the test again after a couple of days. Sometimes ...

Saturday 18 August 09:52pm

Member608468 replied to topic IVF for older women?

Wow, this is such a delightful news. Kudos to soon to be moms. Congratulations to her. May this journey be a less painful one for her. I am also trying to conceive. I got an email id of Adonis. I w...

Thursday 09 August 06:47pm

Member608468 replied to topic Surrogacy or IVF

Hello, Jene it is good to see you here. It is true that the journey of a motherhood is amazing. Although you get to face lots of ups and downs. All it takes is your willpower to be strong. I wish t...

Thursday 09 August 02:15am

Member608468 replied to topic Loss

Hello, Pheobe. It saddens me to hear about your loss. How are you doing? Please take care of your health. This is nice that you shared it on this platform. Dear, I hope you know that is something o...

Monday 06 August 11:22pm
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