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Member643838 replied to topic April 2019 Mums

" Hello Scarlet! hope you will be fine. Sorry to hear that you are infertile. But the next sentence was not less than a catharsis. Glad that you are going for your treatment. Stay determined. ...

Saturday 25 August 09:46pm

Member643838 replied to topic Trying to conceive

Hello Stephany, Glad to know that you are pregnant now. Dear infertility is very hard to tackle. But I am happy that you have successfully handled it. You are a strong woman. I will like to inform ...

Tuesday 14 August 08:25pm

Member643838 replied to topic Surrogacy or IVF

Infertility has been ruining the happy life of many couples for a long time. If you’re one of the victims of this reviling disease. Don’t lose hope. There are a lot of treatments. As you queried a...

Monday 13 August 08:02pm

Member643838 replied to topic Infertility

When It comes to surrogacy. we usually think that it is immoral. But it is not immoral. People nowadays don’t consider it a bad treatment. Previously, people were not aware of infertility treatment...

Wednesday 08 August 10:50pm
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