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Markle45 replied to topic Surrogacy journey

Hey there, I hope you are doing well. Don't be sad. You need to stay positive. All will be good. I am also opting for surrogacy at a clinic in Europe. I came to know about it on the internet. ...

Thursday 30 August 03:44am

Markle45 replied to topic My infertility story

Hey there, I am with you. At this time you need to have your loved ones with you. Positivity is the greatest weapon. I hope you overcome all this. I am also facing infertility. Doctors have declare...

Wednesday 29 August 03:17am

Markle45 replied to topic What to do now?

Hello dear, this is really heartbreaking. I know infertility is a curse. It is really difficult to lead a happy life with it. Babies are an important part of life. But my body is not able to give b...

Monday 27 August 02:38am

Markle45 replied to topic Experiences

Hey dear, I hope you are in your best health. I wanted to tell you about my journey. I have been TTC but due to my weak body, I am unable to. The doctors have told me that my body has not enough po...

Sunday 26 August 03:40am
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