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jennifer323 replied to topic Surrogacy journey

Hello! Kindly don't be so disturbed. I despise seeing you along these lines. It truly is an intense time TTC. I would prescribe being as patient as could be expected under the circumstances. Y...

Thursday 30 August 04:07am

jennifer323 replied to topic My infertility story

Hello! I trust you both are great. I truly feel for you. This is an extreme time to get past. In any case, it's great that you're investigating your alternatives. Both surrogacy and adopt...

Wednesday 29 August 05:36am

jennifer323 replied to topic Hi everyone

It is truly characteristic what you have felt. Sorrow is normal after pregnancy. Notwithstanding, you should go for another infant. It's a decent sign you want one. I want you to enjoy all tha...

Tuesday 28 August 02:41am

jennifer323 started new topic Need this!

Hey everybody! I've discussed my surrogacy travel. Presently, I'm contemplating how well it went. Possibly I ought to think about going for a second? Anyway, I would love if I could move ...

Tuesday 28 August 02:20am

jennifer323 replied to topic Due April 2019 group

Hello! This is an awesome gathering. So pleasant to see everybody getting together to share their bliss. I got my child through surrogacy 2 years back. I've been so upbeat. I never thought I&#...

Tuesday 28 August 02:16am

jennifer323 replied to topic IVF

Hello! I'm sad you're in this circumstance. In any case, it is anything but an aggregate misfortune since you can conceive the child yourself through assistive means. I figure IVF will be...

Tuesday 28 August 02:13am

jennifer323 replied to topic What to do now?

Hi! I'm so sorry for your predicament. It really sounds like a tough time. TTC is no easy thing for many. Just stay patient regardless of what happens around you. Don't let it affect you....

Monday 27 August 05:38am

jennifer323 replied to topic Experiences

Hey! It truly is wonderful to hear experiences. During a tough time like infertility, this is what people get motivated by. I think we should keep this going. Thank you for making a post for this. ...

Monday 27 August 05:33am

jennifer323 replied to topic pregnancy after loss

I can understand how this must be difficult for you. You want to be happy but the fear overpowers it. I wish things hadn't gone the way they went for you. But miscarriages happen all the time ...

Sunday 26 August 08:33am
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