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tkwpalm replied to topic i think i've lost my DH forever............................

I completely understand what you are going through although my hubby has a more manly car than a Morris Minor, he has a V8 Holden Maloo. My hubby will spend hours and hours and hours on end working...

Friday 21 March 08:44pm

tkwpalm replied to topic Advice Needed! the family cat is dead

Thanks for the advice, we have decided to get another kitten as our littl girl who is 20 months just keeps wandering around calling out to the cat, its a bit upsetting to watch

Thursday 20 March 12:12pm

tkwpalm started new topic Advice Needed! the family cat is dead

My kids cat was attacked by a dog yesterday and died. Our children are a bit upset and want another cat, but my husband said no. any advice on what to do.

Saturday 15 March 08:10am

tkwpalm started new topic My 20month old is a bully

My 20month old daughter attacked a 4 month old baby last week at daycare. I was horrified. She apparently scratched and bit this baby for no apparent reason. To make the matter worse today I was to...

Saturday 15 March 08:01am

tkwpalm replied to topic CAN DO WEES BUT NOT POOS

My son was the same. It was like he was scared to do a poo on the toilet. We did up a rewards chart and had hot wheels cars etc as rewards and that worked for us. He was pooing on the loo about a m...

Saturday 15 March 07:53am

tkwpalm replied to topic Toilet Trained by 1year

Hi my mother in law said the same thing to me when I had my first child. Apparently my husband was fully trained by 13 months. Due to the pressure I tried at 12 months but I think it did more harm ...

Saturday 15 March 07:49am

tkwpalm replied to topic Sunshine for C - Sect

I had a induced natural birth at sunshine.I was happy with everything and one until after the birth. I ended up leaving the hospital the next day less than 24hrs after the birth and after being hom...

Saturday 15 March 07:40am

tkwpalm started new topic Dubbo Mum's

Hi my name is Katie, I'm 26. I have 2 kiddies my son is 5 and my daughter is 1 1/2 I would love to meet some other mummies from the Dubbo area.

Monday 03 March 04:54pm

tkwpalm started new topic What happened??

What happened to the 'My Forum Area' I kept track of what I was posting on here. I know there is an area called my posts but it lists all my post. I just liked to see the topics I had taken part in...

Sunday 22 April 07:15am

tkwpalm replied to topic Biggest Looser

Yay my wish came true. Kim is gone. I just didn't like her. Fair enough she said she was only their to loose the weight and Chris said he wanted the money both of them were being honest and their ...

Wednesday 18 April 05:58am

tkwpalm replied to topic Biggest Looser

Yes Finally got this new site figured out. I Hope to god Kimberly is gone..... I hated how she said Karma was coming to Chris. WHAT. What has he done to get karma? If anything she will get whats c...

Tuesday 17 April 11:34am

tkwpalm replied to topic Anyone in caroline springs or surrounding suburbs want to start up a regular meet?

HI Kristy Have you tried the Caroline Springs Mothers committee / group. They meet on tuesdays at the Brookside Centre and also meet on Wednesdays 10am at Laughs Galore in Deer Park. I found some ...

Thursday 29 March 06:11am

tkwpalm started new topic Children that were born premature?

Hi everyone My son was born 6 and a half weeks early and had to have oxygen for the first 2 weeks of his life. He was air lifted to Nepean Hospital from central west NSW and had to be re-vived a ...

Wednesday 21 March 10:18am

tkwpalm replied to topic New to Hopper's

Lyndality were you in St Albans before?

Tuesday 20 March 08:02am

tkwpalm replied to topic BIRTH DAY IS DEC 2005, WHEN DOES HE START KINDY

My son is Dec 2002 and he starts school next year 2008. In NSW it has to be the year they will be turning six. We thought that if he is not ready to go we will do it the year after but the Dept of ...

Sunday 04 March 10:03pm

tkwpalm replied to topic Has anyone ditched the dummy cold turkey?

I tried to ditch it for so long but my son had a secret stash of dummies he would hide them everywhere and when you think you got them all he would come out with another one. Anyway it came down to...

Sunday 04 March 09:46pm

tkwpalm replied to topic Day Care blues

This is what my daycare says Kids can sense what you are feeling so if you are worried or upset yourself it may transfer the vibe to them. Also make your goodbyes pain less. take your child to the...

Sunday 04 March 09:29pm

tkwpalm replied to topic HELP 8 m/o screaming when placed on the floor

Sounds familiar. My son did this it went on for about 3 weeks and my daughter has started recently. I give them a toy and I slowly walk away but assure them that I'm just in the next room or sittin...

Sunday 04 March 09:18pm

tkwpalm replied to topic breast pumps?

I have had to use breast pumps for both my children and I tried a few. I found that the one I liked the best was Medela its endorsed by the australian breastfeeding association. I have the pump tha...

Friday 02 March 09:13am

tkwpalm replied to topic weight estimation of bubs.......

Hi everyone, My doctor felt my tummy and he had a concerned look on his face (this happened twice once about half way through the pregnancy & close to the end) Both times he told that my baby was...

Thursday 01 March 03:39pm
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