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moosemum replied to topic HELP!!

with childcare you just need to have a talk to the carer and work out with them which is the best way of approaching it at childcare. ours is pretty good. they have a list of chhildren being potty ...

Wednesday 23 April 05:43am

moosemum replied to topic Is anyone else losing it?

i really hear where you are coming from. i felt exactly the same. i kept reading books about toddler behaviour which reassured me that i was not alone with how i was feeling. the only thing i found...

Wednesday 16 April 03:48pm

moosemum replied to topic dads and tantrums?

i think to get dads to help dealing with tantrums to relate it back to them. if ds chucks and tanty, dad then gets frustrated taht he can't deal with it and chucks one too. i simply point out that ...

Wednesday 16 April 03:40pm

moosemum replied to topic Toddler hitting mum!

i would simply say 'mummy doesn't like it when you hit her, it hurts mummy' then get up and walk away. it worked like a charm and he only does it now when really frustrated but stops as soon as i g...

Wednesday 16 April 03:36pm

moosemum replied to topic HELP!!

maybe instead of asking her if she wants to go, just tell her every hour or two hours that it is time to use the potty ( or whatever you call it), put her on and see how it goes. i read a great boo...

Wednesday 16 April 03:30pm

moosemum replied to topic toddler non stop

my little boy robert is (or was the same). he is the sort of kid that when people ask me to describe him i say 'active, always on the go'. they then give me the knowing smile - you know the ' of co...

Wednesday 16 April 03:27pm

moosemum replied to topic Cot AND Big Bed

we went cold turkey/ robert naps in the lounge room on his fold out couch during the day so last sunday we took down the cot and put up the big bed while he was nappying. loves teh big bed and have...

Monday 26 November 06:50pm

moosemum replied to topic Help my son won't sleep, is he ready for a big bed?

i have to admit i am a bit of a wuss and cuddle my little boy to sleep during the day and at night. we did go through a stage of putting him in the cot and trying to get him to sleep by himself and...

Monday 26 November 06:48pm

moosemum replied to topic when do they sleep in a big bed

depends on the child/ my brothers and i were all in big beds at age one because we would climb out of the cot. friends of mine have varied between 1 year and 18 months for the change and we just pu...

Monday 26 November 06:44pm

moosemum replied to topic where do you feed your toddler?

we always eat at the table. we never did before bub starting eating solids but once he was able to sit and feed himself we made a decision to eat at the table as a family. every meal we will sit an...

Monday 26 November 06:40pm

moosemum replied to topic From Formula to Cows Milk

at the time we put our son on cows milk he still woke occasionally at night wanting a small bottle. if he did i would give him half cows milk and half water. this got him used to cows milk and also...

Monday 26 November 06:37pm

moosemum replied to topic Persistant nappy rash ??? Thrush????

i just had the same problem. i was using the curash cream but it wasn't getting better and was spreading so in desperation i used the powder. it worked a charm. it meant that their was less moistur...

Monday 26 November 06:32pm

moosemum replied to topic Nappy Rash

i alos had my little boy at the doctor last week getting som anti fungal cream for his nappy rash/ it was the worst he's ever had and even his daycare were concerned. other than the cream we are no...

Monday 26 November 06:27pm

moosemum replied to topic My first minor scare as a mother

my 20 month old has had plenty of mishaps and always seems to be ok but probably the most serious was falling down the side steps at my mums a few months ago and hitting his head straight on teh mi...

Monday 26 November 06:24pm

moosemum replied to topic 20month old development

i hear you all, mine is one of those children that you describe as active/ when you say this to people they give you that knowing look as if to say ' he's not different to other kids you're just ov...

Monday 26 November 06:16pm

moosemum replied to topic Moving to a big bed

we moved our 21 month old into a big bed last weekend and he loves it. the mattress was in his room for about a week before the transition airing out, but while he was having his nap last sunday we...

Monday 26 November 06:06pm

moosemum replied to topic 7mths

my son was not sitting but started crawling about a month later/ he got his first tooth at seven months. he was 73cm and 9kg at six months but he grew quickly to start with and then slowed down aft...

Tuesday 30 October 09:52am

moosemum replied to topic Any ideas to stop a 1 year old biting???

i had the same problem - my little boy actually bit a kid at day care - i was horrified/ people did suggest biting him back as apparently it works but it just couldn't do it. instead if he bit i wo...

Tuesday 30 October 09:46am

moosemum replied to topic hiccups

putting my baby down for a little bit of tummy time always seemed to do the trick

Tuesday 30 October 09:37am

moosemum replied to topic Ideas for birthday presents?

my little boy will be two at the start of next year but i'm alreayd thinking ahead/ i am also trying to get him stuff for the rest of the year as there is a long time between his birthday and chris...

Monday 17 September 09:29am
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