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jez replied to topic TUMMY TIME

My little one used to hate tummy time and could only get her on her tummy a few minutes at a time. She is now almost 6 months old and rolls from her back onto her tummy and is most of the time happ...

Friday 19 May 03:59pm

jez replied to topic A cold or teething???

My 5.5 month old has a runny nose and was a bit unsettled, a slight fever (not high enough for panadol) and was recently waking up to 5 times in one night and guess what..a tooth has appeared! So i...

Friday 12 May 08:49am

jez replied to topic Baby's length

Hi, STOP PRESS. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Yesterday released new growth charts!!! These charts should replace any that you have in your child health centre books. The new charts are bas...

Saturday 29 April 09:06am

jez started new topic Baby's length

Does anyone know where I can find a chart that has baby's length? In WA we were given a purple book that has weight and age, but no length.

Friday 28 April 12:06pm

jez replied to topic how big is ur bub?

Baby Brianna, now 4.5 months weighs 7.5 kg, and her birth weight was 4.5 kg and is a fully breast fed bub

Sunday 09 April 04:50pm

jez replied to topic Could it be teeth or something else?

I have a simular question. I have a fully b/f 4 month old who was unsettled last week and has a lovely new habit of biting hard on my nibble when feeding and has had green poo on 2 occasions. Is th...

Sunday 09 April 04:46pm
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