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Rhemeli replied to topic Hi Everybody

Hi there, Gypsi! I am still reletively new also, but I have been reading alot of the posts and have found then very helpful. It's amazing what I have found in here, especially in relation to havin...

Saturday 09 December 07:03am

Rhemeli replied to topic MENINGOCOCCAL TRAGEDY

that was nice to post that Kel, We didnt see it on the news in NZ I don't think, but I certainly would not wish that on anyone.....My thoughts and prayers go out also(H)

Saturday 09 December 06:57am

Rhemeli replied to topic 16 month old

Oh Critter how frustrating! I don't know if I can explain it by typing but I say "Ah ah ah!" quite fast in a firm voice, and meli is getting there with that Othherwise, maybe cover inside of cupb...

Wednesday 29 November 12:03pm

Rhemeli started new topic Impatient in pregancy???

Hiya all. I am am mum of a 16 month old daughter, and almost four months preggers with no.2. I wanted to ask, is there such a thing as being more impatient in pregnancy? Or is it just because Meli ...

Wednesday 29 November 11:56am

Rhemeli replied to topic What to do for lunch?

Hi there Carline, I try anything with Melissa. someone mentioned baked beans, i give her those but she is not so keen on the tomato sauce, so I drain some out. Cheese, ham, sometimes I make mouse ...

Wednesday 29 November 11:38am

Rhemeli replied to topic 1 & 2 year old daily food requirements!

Hey thats a really good idea to post that, thanks Gizmo!

Wednesday 29 November 11:26am

Rhemeli replied to topic Being a Christain Parent!

Hi Kathryn! I want to thank you for posting the ad, we are just starting to wonder how to go about introducing Melissa to God, but she is 16 months old! We read from her childrens bible, (when she...

Thursday 16 November 05:31am

Rhemeli replied to topic step backwards

I would change Kindy! I know it can be hard to get into good ones tho, maybe writing a letter to show that you are serious....we are only talking about your son here after all! To me I don't think...

Tuesday 14 November 08:07am

Rhemeli replied to topic babys name

Hi there, I like Blake Caleb, I think it has a lovely ring to it

Sunday 05 November 06:23am

Rhemeli replied to topic Evil Mother in law!!!

Wow, That sounds mean off her Mimmie!!! Does she have a life....???? Just remember that you are NOT super mum, and no one, is not even ya mum in law! I know it's hard hearing comments like that tho...

Tuesday 18 April 02:00am

Rhemeli replied to topic my 8mnth old daughter won't eat her dinner without anything sweet in it!!!HELP PLZ

Hi Jayamuma, Your daughter is thae same age as mine, and even tho she may not quite have teeth yet, their gums are quite hard at this stage. I have Melissa on Kumera, ( I don't know if you have it...

Tuesday 18 April 01:54am

Rhemeli replied to topic competing friends

Hey there Adele, I agree a little with Danni I think, it's really hard to not compare, especially when you have both got babies! I find it really hard to stop myself at the best of times, I think ...

Tuesday 18 April 01:38am

Rhemeli started new topic Anybody live in Whangarei, NZ???

Hi! We are moving back to my home towm of Whangarei, much to our sheer delight!!! I was wondering if there were any mums etc that live nearby? We haven't been back for three years, and altho I s...

Monday 17 April 03:59am

Rhemeli replied to topic Out of the mouths of babes

Hi kerry I was meant to ask how to prononce Rhiannon too!

Monday 17 April 03:52am

Rhemeli replied to topic Out of the mouths of babes

Hi Kerry, Sorry about you dog! It's really hard sometimes, but I can't even comprehend what it would be like when a child is involved too. I had a Sky Terrier (CUTE!) who got run over when I was a...

Monday 17 April 03:45am

Rhemeli replied to topic How do people manage to have more than one child?

Hi Larne2005, I know things like complicated births san be scary, but remember more often that not, the staff at hospitals etc are very good at support, they have been trained to look after mums i...

Sunday 16 April 10:53am

Rhemeli started new topic Fitness?

Hi there!! I am a mum of a beautiful thriving 8 month old. I live in a remote corner of NZ, and am home all day with my baby girl. I was wondering if someone out there had any creative fitness idea...

Monday 10 April 10:09am
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