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*missy*me* replied to topic I need Help

I would ring your midwife and talk to her. It could be pre-labour but i would be seeking her advice sooner rather than later.

Wednesday 23 May 10:56pm

*missy*me* replied to topic 3 yr old toddler with stutter

Hi, My ds had a stutter also when he was three. I took him to a dr and then onto a speech therapist. The speech therapist said it is very common for children to stutter, especially if they are talk...

Wednesday 23 May 10:55pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Breast Pump Recomendations?

I have the Avent electric pump and I love it. I agree. I use mine every day and still really love it. It is very simple to use. I hadnt ever used a manual pump, but had a tommee tippee with my f...

Tuesday 22 May 10:39pm

*missy*me* replied to topic breaking rental lease

I do aggree with you if i was a landlord. The rental agency however is turning away people and not even taking there application, it is there job to minimise loss in the end. why change people mi...

Monday 21 May 07:08pm

*missy*me* replied to topic breaking rental lease

We broke our lease one because the house was not safe for us to live in. It was 2 storey and my ds's foot went through the timber floor and they refused to fix it. They refused to give us back our ...

Monday 21 May 06:58pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Sick bub and out of ideas

I could have written the exact same thing about my six month old. I took her to the doctor as well and told its a virus and she will just have to ride it out. We have been riding it out now for ov...

Friday 18 May 02:32am

*missy*me* replied to topic huggies toddler nappies

Hi When my dd1 was born (4yrs ago)i was paying $43.90 a box (i do ive rurally and everything out here is dearer) so im liking that they are now only $33/box but yes there are less in them

Monday 14 May 07:34pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Elective C Section at Public Hospital in WA

Im not in WA but where i live is a smaller hospital, they dont offer vbac due to staffing, but will happily give you an elective c section if you have previously had one, otherwise its a 4 hr drive...

Tuesday 08 May 02:25am

*missy*me* replied to topic surrogacy

That is a really amazing thing that you have offered and i hope you can give someone a baby!! I wish surrogacy was legal here in oz as i think its an amazing gift you are giving somebody.

Tuesday 08 May 01:12am

*missy*me* replied to topic Bleeding Im 15 wks -3days & waiting 4 ultrasound at 830am

Oh Jude, i hope you and bubby are ok!! Thinking of you xx

Tuesday 08 May 01:09am

*missy*me* replied to topic rooster in freezer

I would be careful how you cook them as dual purpose chooks can tend to be a bit like rubber. So if it was me, i would stew it!!

Tuesday 08 May 01:05am

*missy*me* replied to topic Just Thought I'd Share

thanks for the laugh, i was having a pretty crappy day

Tuesday 08 May 01:03am

*missy*me* replied to topic Ring Sling OR Breast Feeding Blanket? Which one?

I wouldnt waste my money on a wrap or sling. With all three of mine i just used your large style muslin wraps and no one saw anything

Monday 07 May 11:23pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Those with toilet trained lads

My ds was encouraged to sit down to pee until the age of 4 (i hated walking in there to see pee sprayed everywhere cos he got distracted. He is now 6 and stands to pee.

Saturday 05 May 11:01pm

*missy*me* replied to topic axing single parent payments??

I am sitting on the fence with this one. I am all for the parent working a few hours when there youngest is 8. Before and after school care isnt expensive. My son goes to both and i am out of pocke...

Saturday 05 May 02:58am

*missy*me* started new topic It's today!!

That is very exciting. I hope he/she is growing perfectly!! and compliant with finding out its sex.

Friday 04 May 05:29pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Celiacs diagnosis in babies/toddlers

For my DD1 it was the constant explosive diahorrea. She would also cry most of the day for no reason and constantly hold her tummy when crying. She had the blood test before we altered her diet (a...

Friday 04 May 05:11pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Do you eat the same meal 2 nights in a row?

We do have it 2 nights in a row, but i do try to make it a little different. Like if we has spagetti bol one night, we will have the leftovers on toasted jaffles (basically a toasted sandwich) with...

Thursday 03 May 05:14pm

*missy*me* started new topic Resigning after maternity leave

Hi i returned to work last week after 6 months maternity leave. They paid me for four weeks and the rest was from centrelink and my annual leave. So now i have been offered a really good job which ...

Thursday 03 May 05:11pm

*missy*me* replied to topic Toyota Estima or Toyota Previa Hire car in NZ

Hi, im in oz but im assuming that the estima's are all the same. My friend drives one and it has 4 anchor points, on each of the outer seats and the anchor point is on the back of the seats therefo...

Monday 30 April 09:58pm
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