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KSB2D0 replied to topic What was...

I think Thea is pregnant because a lot f her posts are like this one. Just saying.

Sunday 09 February 05:02pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic did you miss me?

The people who are making nasty remarks sound like they are "his" friends who have made new accounts to bag out Tori. Bit no actually very immature much like her ex is. Good ridence to ...

Tuesday 12 November 10:41am

KSB2D0 replied to topic Childcare director just rings me & says.............

CP is a reportable disease and the fact that you have a certificate from a doctor is confirmation enough. The director has a duty of care to notify parents that there has been a case of CP in the ...

Friday 23 August 02:00pm

KSB2D0 started new topic What do you think?

I would take (not sure which one) but them straight to the hospital. it is better to be safe than sorry.

Friday 28 June 06:38pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic E-mail

I no longer shop at our local Woolworths due to so many issues with my online orders. I regularly only got just over half of my order and things would be substituted for items not even close to wh...

Tuesday 04 June 02:35pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic who would be willing to do this?

It would be nice to have a girl but in reality she was a lucky woman to get a success from the process. I know a family who did this to get a boy and the last I had heard they had to remortgage th...

Monday 03 June 03:51pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic 9 weeks pregnant and bitten by a white tail spider

I was bitten by a white tail earlier this year so I can tell you my story. I came up in a blister type thing that kind of looked like an ingrown hair and was very itchy. I scratched and squeezed ...

Thursday 30 May 10:50am

KSB2D0 replied to topic OMG I'm shocked :O

I did have one at 16wks due to a severe abnormality which gave a 10% chance of survival and that's if everything got that far anyway. But I had to have a lot of ultrasounds and things done as...

Friday 03 May 01:25pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic Scared my friggin pants off!

Solar snake lights are supposed to keep the horrible disgusting creatures away. I found ours on Ebay for about $60 for 6 from memory and worth every single cent IMO. Also a baby snake always seem...

Tuesday 23 April 11:41am

KSB2D0 replied to topic Easter question

I was raised in a strict catholic household and it was all about the true meaning of Easter but we also got the eggs for a similar reason someone else mentioned - new life hence them been given on ...

Friday 22 March 11:27am

KSB2D0 replied to topic Oooh...

And been Harmony Day I thought it was for that. But I would rather what it is actually for personally.

Thursday 21 March 01:07pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic Iron Definicency Anemia

I had an iron infusion 5mths ago and I feel great. It did take a few weeks to kick in though. But if your iron levels plummet when you stop taking iron then your doctor should be sending you to h...

Thursday 21 March 11:18am

KSB2D0 replied to topic Anyone one I need to talk?

If your mother and DH don't get along then the chances are they never will. What you might need to do is tell him you still want to see your mother but do not expect him to see her and even g...

Monday 04 March 10:13am

KSB2D0 replied to topic to hard basket

I would accept their offer to apply for funding as in the end it will be your boy who benefits the most from it. If he is having speech issues it will also help having that 'extra' perso...

Wednesday 06 February 03:54pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic Oh my god :( if ever there were a time I needed your help ladies - now would definitely be it!

If he is downloading games onto her phone there should be icons on it saying what games are on her phone. She could look at that and look up the cost of the games and add them up. She should also...

Wednesday 06 February 12:56pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic blood test question

Ferritin and transferrin are the important ones and they are dropping. It could mean he doesn't absorb iron properly and may have an intrinsic factor that prevents absorbtion. He may also ne...

Tuesday 05 February 11:40am

KSB2D0 replied to topic Do you think people are honest about unexpected pregnancies/babies?

I could not imagine going back to having a baby. Our 2 are at a point where they can feed themselves, entertain each other and we are able to go places and do things that all of us can enjoy. I ...

Monday 04 February 01:21pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic Melmul

I am also not racist but in all honesty I have had what you would refer to according to Huggies extremely bad experiences with 'foreign' doctors. Our own GP is a 'foreigner', s...

Friday 01 February 07:07pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic Gestational Diabetes - Devastated

I tend to wonder if some of you have even seen how people suffer with diabetes and how even with the best diets, exercise and management in place it can be unmanageable. It is a bit narrow minded ...

Friday 07 December 12:08pm

KSB2D0 replied to topic They just forgot her ...

The after school program would not have known what hit them if that happened to my child. I would of been straight down there and I would of gone off at them. How completely irresponsible can the...

Tuesday 27 November 11:24am
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