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FlowerMary replied to topic Bedside bassinets/co sleepers?

I loved having a co-sleeper bassinet, so we got the closeness of bedsharing, but the baby had his own space. I was too paranoid with them actually in our bed and couldn't sleep well. I follo...

Wednesday 17 July 01:49pm

FlowerMary replied to topic 16mth old head banging, body rocking in cot at night

My DS is the same way, Lisa. When I'm putting him to sleep I place a pillow next to him and sort of lay on that, so there is a bit of distance between us. Also, Mel, have you tried giving the...

Wednesday 10 July 08:40pm

FlowerMary replied to topic Postpartum support underwear - anyone tried it?

Lucken wrote: I recommend exlura 3 in 1 postpartum support, which with safety certificate than others product. It really good to keep body shape better. You can try it.

Thursday 21 March 06:15pm

FlowerMary replied to topic Memory foam mattress ------Good or Bad?

Magan_Cheung wrote: I'm going to tell you about its chief advantages of disadvantages. First, however, you want to know that I'm well qualified to provide this information. That's be...

Friday 25 January 02:55pm

FlowerMary replied to topic Favourite toy/comforter

My precious daughter got attached to her plush turtle, which is also a star projector (second here Can't say I'm happy with it, since it have b...

Wednesday 17 October 07:41pm
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