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caxa replied to topic wanting to meet other mum's

Hi Tina! I know what you mean about living in your own little world - I used to aswell until I found this site! Wow! You must have your hands full with all those kids! I'd love to have that many,...

Saturday 27 January 05:27pm

caxa started new topic Constantly waking up in the middle of the night

I don't know if anyone can help me, but it's driving me crazy, so I'm going to ask anyway. My DD is 2.5yrs old and has never really been a good sleeper. She's so active all day - even when she's w...

Saturday 13 January 10:22am

caxa replied to topic Giving medicine, does he trust me?

Hi I don't think your DS will stop trusting you. My DD was on and off antibiotics for months for ear infections and I did exactly the same as you. And it usually took about 3tsp aswell. Yeah, she s...

Wednesday 10 January 02:43pm

caxa replied to topic Private health insurance

If you go to you just put in your details of what sort of cover you want etc, and it will bring up a few different health funds in different price ranges that suit your needs. T...

Friday 29 December 10:31am

caxa replied to topic any ideas for vegies?

I used to make vege nuggets for my DD. You can use any veges you like. I used to use potato, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli and peas in mine. You just have to boil or steam the veges and let them cool...

Thursday 28 December 10:56am

caxa replied to topic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Yup, my little girl loves it too! It's a good show . . . even I don't mind watching it sometimes! Maybe all the really bright colours and their funny voices get little one's attention.

Wednesday 29 November 07:23am

caxa replied to topic Ear Infection and cranky 17 month old

I couldn't say for sure, but it sounds just like my DD when she has an ear infection. My Dr said that the pain an ear infection causes is really bad, especially in little ones who don't really unde...

Wednesday 22 November 08:44am

caxa replied to topic So lucky

Soooooo true! There are lots of people out there who would love to be in our position. I know some of their pain, as I was told at 15 that I would probably never have kids of my own. I was one of ...

Sunday 05 November 07:58am

caxa replied to topic Girls and there dollies question

Hi My DD is 27mths and loves playing with her 'bubbies' We have bought her a kitchen for xmas too coz she loves cooking tucker for them. She doesn't have a baby centre but she has a pram, 2 beds, ...

Tuesday 31 October 10:39am

caxa started new topic TT when out?

My DD has just TT herself. She is 27mths and 2 weeks ago she decided that she wanted to start using her potty. I read somewhere that once you put them into undies you shouldn't confuse them by usin...

Thursday 26 October 07:12am

caxa started new topic Any Diabetics out there?

I've just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It's a huge lifstyle change and there are parts of it that I'm struggling with at the moment. It'd be great if there were some other mums out there th...

Wednesday 18 October 08:06am

caxa replied to topic Not walking and nearly 18mths!

Hi! I wouldn't worry about your DD not walking yet. I know of quite a few babies who were late walkers. My sister's DD didn't start walking until she was almost 15mths. The Drs told my sister that...

Thursday 17 August 08:58am

caxa replied to topic Mums in Toowoomba

Hi Angela! I'm Caree and have a 25mth old daughter. I've lived in Toowoomba my whole life. How do you like it so far? We were sposed to have a meet up today but it never happened due to other com...

Wednesday 16 August 06:14pm

caxa replied to topic TOOWOOMBA MUMS

Where are all the toowoomba mums hiding? Just thought i'd bump this up!

Sunday 13 August 04:44pm

caxa replied to topic Soon to be mum from Toowomba

Hi there! There is a meet up at Scallywags on Tuesday 15 August at 10am if you'd like to join us. I'm not sure how many other mums will be there, but I'll be there for sure with my little 2yo girl...

Friday 11 August 02:19pm

caxa started new topic TOOWOOMBA MUMS

Hi everyone!! I know it's been a bit quiet on here for toowoomba mums, but i thought I'd give this another go anyway. I'll be at Scallywags at 10am on Tuesday 15 August if anyone else wants to jo...

Friday 11 August 02:12pm

caxa started new topic Baby Capsules

Hello to all the Melbourne mums! Just wondering if you can help me out. My mum and sister are going to melbourne in a few weeks and will have a 2.5 yr old and a 3mth old with them, as well as lots...

Monday 03 July 07:28am

caxa replied to topic Hypothyroidism

Hi! I was diagnosed with an extremely over active thyroid when I was 15. (I'm now nearly 26.) After trying beta-blockers and a few other medications, the Drs decided to kill part of my thyroid off...

Thursday 15 June 07:37pm

caxa replied to topic leaking breats

Hi kamson! I don't think it's anything to worry about either! I started leaking when I was about 29 weeks. It was a bit embarrassing coz the first time i realised I was leaking I was at work. Wou...

Thursday 15 June 06:59pm

caxa started new topic TTC for 2 years now . . .

Hi to all you lovely ladies!! I've got a friend who's been TTC for 2years now. She's 25, has polycystic ovaries, and no little kiddies yet. She has tried all sorts of things but nothing has worked...

Wednesday 14 June 09:02am
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