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Natashaa23 replied to topic This is getting harder and harder

It's not the end of the world. Taking so much stress is not going to help. Your friend needs you. She definitely does not need you to get sad, as well! There are plenty of other solutions. Get...

Monday 10 December 06:19am

Natashaa23 replied to topic How to Deal With Depression When You Can’t Get Pregnant

Honey, I can understand exactly how you feel. It can get really tough! Have you guys thought about giving assisted conception, a shot? I believe the best way to go about these things is by looking ...

Monday 10 December 06:16am

Natashaa23 replied to topic Worried for my sister

Thank you for your kind words, Rebeca. It really wasn't that hard, to be honest! You underestimate yourself, haha. I'm really happy that you've managed to convince your sister. You&#...

Sunday 09 December 10:19pm

Natashaa23 replied to topic Due in August 2019

Congratulations, honey. I get really happy reading about these BFP stories. Good luck to you! Here's to a happy nine months and then the joys of parenthood. It's a feeling you'll nev...

Sunday 09 December 10:15pm

Natashaa23 replied to topic tips

Hi, there! You must be buzzing! Good luck to you on this journey. I haven't been through this experience, however, I did undergo the IUI procedure. Not sure if I can be of much help, haha. Eit...

Saturday 08 December 09:42pm

Natashaa23 replied to topic Worried for my sister

Happy to be of help. It's good to see her not wasting any time. It really is key, you know. I had a great experience, myself, with assisted conception. It's the future! Remarkable technol...

Saturday 08 December 09:36pm

Natashaa23 started new topic Tough TTC

Hey, everyone. I'm new here. My name is Natasha. I turned 32 last week. I've been married for eight years and I've been trying to conceive for over half a decade. My DH and I are eas...

Friday 07 December 01:46am

Natashaa23 replied to topic Worried for my sister

Oh no, the poor thing! I'm glad she has someone experienced with her. There can be many reasons behind this. Miscarriages mostly happen due to chromosomal abnormalities. Not necessarily, but t...

Friday 07 December 01:33am
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