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Jess_23 started new topic dads in werribee

hi all, Just wondering if anyone know's of any dads groups in werribee? My fiance looks after our 11month old son while I'm at work and would love for him to meet other stay at home dads in the a...

Friday 02 March 11:02am

Jess_23 started new topic Dad's Groups

Just wondering if there are any father's groups in the Western Suburbs? I've returned to work full time and my partner looks after our bubs but he is starting to get lonely and bored. If anyone k...

Tuesday 01 August 10:19am

Jess_23 replied to topic First time mum wanting to chat

Hi Tina, Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy. I am 23 and have just had my first baby - Hayden. He is 8 weeks tomorrow. Feel free to email me at work for a chat - hopefully I can h...

Tuesday 30 May 03:11pm

Jess_23 replied to topic What do I do now?

Hi lonelymum2b, I'm no expert in this kind of thing so I'm not going to pretend to know what I'm talking about, but I just wanted to say that I really feel for you and I know how hard you must be ...

Tuesday 30 May 03:07pm

Jess_23 replied to topic new young dad

Hey racerdad, Happy to have a chat if you like - it's good to see dads venturing out into the world of forum topics!! email me if you want, I'm sure my partner would love to chat to you as well -...

Wednesday 26 April 06:45pm

Jess_23 replied to topic Exteremely sore nipples... :(

Hi Sam, I gave up breast feeding after 2 weeks when it got to the point where I was in tears because it hurt so much!! I had already bought a little mini breast pump and now I express every 4 hour...

Wednesday 26 April 06:41pm

Jess_23 replied to topic Mum's are you working?

Hi Renee, I was forced to stop working 5 months ago because I was so ill during my pregnancy, I gave birth to Hayden 2 and a half weeks ago now. I always loved working and always said I would go b...

Friday 21 April 01:58pm

Jess_23 replied to topic younger mums.....

Hi Kylie, I am also a young mum (23) and had a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago - Hayden Robert! So far coping really well, have a really supportive partner who loves being a dad, so we make a prett...

Tuesday 18 April 09:35pm

Jess_23 started new topic Jealous mummy

Hi there, With a 2 wk old baby boy, I will be returning to work in a couple of months. I really love working and it works out good that my fiance can stay at home because it is on an army pension...

Tuesday 18 April 09:30pm

Jess_23 replied to topic How long is recovery time after C section?

Hi, Tomorrow is 2 weeks since I had an emergency c-section and I'm feeling great. The day after the delivery I didn't get out of bed, but the next day I just decided to try and get out and start m...

Tuesday 18 April 09:20pm

Jess_23 replied to topic new arrival

Hi Katie, I'm a young mum too and absolutely love it!! I'm 23 and am so glad to have a beautiful little boy - he will be 2 weeks tomorrow. If you ever want to ask anything would be happy to share...

Tuesday 18 April 09:07pm

Jess_23 started new topic Hayden Robert Collins

Hayden arrived on the 4th of April and he is an absolute angel. Head circumference - 38cm Weight - 3880g Length - 52cm First time mum in Melbourne, have a great supportive fiance, I will be returni...

Tuesday 18 April 09:04pm
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