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Tamarina replied to topic Anyone seen a financial planner?

You need to plan your budget and finances correctly.

Tuesday 28 April 10:27pm

Tamarina replied to topic Husband not financially supportive

You know, this seems to be a typical situation for many women . I am now divorced from my husband due to financial differences. I decided to start a business in Singapore and used the Osome service...

Wednesday 04 March 02:57pm

Tamarina replied to topic Giving toddler medicine

The most important thing is to often show up with the child to the doctor at the slightest illness, so that during this time it was possible to establish the cause. As a child, I was diagnosed with...

Friday 20 December 03:40pm

Tamarina replied to topic What to do now?

It is forum fod dads!

Monday 04 November 02:52pm

Tamarina replied to topic depression

JenniferAnny wrote: Depression can affect your fertility. It's one of the major factors for infertility. You can avoid depression by doing some exercise/yoga. Acupuncture also helps. A good he...

Sunday 22 September 07:29pm

Tamarina replied to topic teaching or nursing HELP

I work as a nurse and I can say that it is very difficult, because all day I do not even sit down. To slightly reduce the load on my feet, I decided to buy a comfortable medical shoes. I confess, t...

Friday 20 September 05:40pm

Tamarina replied to topic Witnesses for our wedding

Witnesses for the wedding should be chosen as carefully as possible. Many single men dream to meet a beautiful and sexy girl. I can recommend you to read about the top 5 best Dating sites to Meet H...

Tuesday 23 July 03:12pm

Tamarina replied to topic whats your story???

You know I only communicate on free Dating sites and I really like it. If we talk about my choice, I am attracted to strong and smart men, but so far I am still in search. Guys, have you ever wonde...

Wednesday 17 July 09:14pm

Tamarina replied to topic How did you meet your Partner/husband

iLoveMyBABY Girl wrote: Me n my partner went to high skool together for 5year he was with another girl so inever tryed we always had a good relationship As friends but we both wanted more When we ...

Thursday 20 June 12:52pm

Tamarina replied to topic Full time uni students

I'm studying, too, but I'm having trouble writing my essay. What do you recommend?

Monday 25 February 05:15pm

Tamarina replied to topic math classes / tuition for toddlers?

I have no problem with the mathematical Sciences. Frankly I don't know how to write good lyrics. So when the teacher assigned me another paper, I decided to buy term papers online. It saved me...

Friday 22 February 08:34pm

Tamarina replied to topic who has done pilates to lose pregnancy weight?

Today, there are many ways to lose weight and bring the figure into a beautiful view. I would advise all the girls to read blogs about health and beauty on the website every day https://tonusjourna...

Friday 25 January 03:13am

Tamarina replied to topic essay writing

Now any student who needs help can get inexpensive and urgent psychology essay help Just go to the site and read the reviews of real students and you w...

Sunday 20 January 06:56pm

Tamarina replied to topic Safe Bathroom Cleaners???

You know there are special tools without sulfates and other caustic chemicals. It is better to use quality shower gels and not to save on health.

Monday 14 January 09:17pm

Tamarina replied to topic Worried for my sister

I think you should tell your sister to do the procedure. If the problem of miscarriage is constant, it requires a serious approach to treatment.

Monday 14 January 08:09pm

Tamarina started new topic what's gender ?

Do not think about anything, just wait a little and you will soon know the sex of your child.

Monday 14 January 08:07pm

Tamarina replied to topic looking for songs...

Indeed, now any song can be found online.

Sunday 13 January 11:52pm
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