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Dakota replied to topic Big Car vs Small Car

We have an Integra, and I have 2 baby seats and a booster in the back. In the boot I can fit a twin side by side pram and a portacot in the boot. They're nice and cheap to run. In saying this we're...

Friday 04 May 09:25am

Dakota replied to topic What pill do you take??

Was taking Yasmin before this pregnancy, and at $80 for 3 months, with no rebate it was still worth it. I lost quite a bit of weight, and it cleared my skin up really well. I did get a little cramp...

Friday 04 May 08:10am

Dakota replied to topic BB is so nice

I honestly dont think she was lying, it seemed very in depth and raw, and there was emotion there that even the best actors could not fake, I hope Jules is made to publically apologise once she fin...

Friday 04 May 08:05am

Dakota replied to topic please read this

I'm Dakota, have been here for almost 2 years now I think. i have 3 baby girls and am due with no 4 in November. We're from Adelaide and I'm 21. Usually on when kids are asleep. Dakota

Friday 04 May 07:59am

Dakota replied to topic Adelaide mums to be

I did, but back in 2004, ended up having an emerg c/s though, which she stayed with me for the entire time. I had Shanti as my midwife, loved her to pieces! Dakota

Wednesday 02 May 08:10pm

Dakota replied to topic Due in Nov 07 List

My EDD is the 3rd of November. Dakota

Wednesday 02 May 08:07pm

Dakota replied to topic Implamon (implant

I fell pregnant with my 3rd child with Implanon in as it wasn't inserted properly. There were no side effects and they just removed it. I had Implanon put in, in March this year. Doctor didn't ask...

Wednesday 02 May 07:55pm

Dakota replied to topic THE BAD MAN WILL COME AND TAKE U!!!

Maybe when he is really well behaved on a shopping trip treat him, and hopefully he will see that by behaving himself and staying with Mummy ends in a good day for all! We were out shopping with t...

Tuesday 01 May 07:43am

Dakota replied to topic All day sickness.... YUK

I am someone who can raise my hand in sympathy with you! With the 3 pregnancies of my daughters I had 24 hour m/s. To the point where I was waking up to vomit, and then rolling back over. I too had...

Sunday 29 April 08:12pm

Dakota started new topic c section scar aching in this pregnancy

I have had 3 children in 3 years and about to have number 4 due on November 3rd, so 18 months after my last c section. My question is how many other c/s Mums have had a pulling and aching feeling a...

Sunday 29 April 08:08pm

Dakota replied to topic WARNING - Driving Vent

My latest driving vent is buses, I cant stand them. I think they believe the 'give way when turning' signs on the back mean give way all the time. Driving down main north road they just swing out ...

Wednesday 25 April 07:31pm

Dakota replied to topic Count down to BIG BROTHER!!

I love how she wrote in her application he was her first and the best she's ever had, and one night she'll remember forever!! HAHAHA I wonder how fireman will feel about that. I wasnt going insane...

Tuesday 24 April 07:48pm

Dakota replied to topic Count down to BIG BROTHER!!

lol the green eyeshadow! she looked like she had gone 10 rounds with a cicrus clown!

Tuesday 24 April 07:23am

Dakota replied to topic Count down to BIG BROTHER!!

Im glad Im not the only one who thought that they spent a day in the house already! I hope BB clears it up soon for my sanity! Dakota

Tuesday 24 April 07:19am

Dakota replied to topic Count down to BIG BROTHER!!

Ok I'm probably the only person in Australia who doesn't know this, but I'm going to look silly and ask anyway. Is BB a day behind this year, was just reading the site and it appears it is day 2......

Monday 23 April 07:41pm

Dakota replied to topic Ear piercing in Adelaide

I got our babies ears done in TTP, in the hairdressers opposite pets paradise on the bottom floor. They were great and she had them done 1 at a time too. It was around $25 with little studs, which ...

Saturday 21 April 07:36pm

Dakota replied to topic misvtec

Hey chicky, Im due in December too, so yay I'll have some company! I will have 4 under 4, so dont stress, just think of me lol! Love Dakota [Edited on 14/04/2007]

Saturday 14 April 09:42pm

Dakota replied to topic Funny funny funny

PMSL Katey, not half obvious you're a NAVY wife, gotta love ya! Dakota xx

Wednesday 11 April 06:45pm

Dakota started new topic Needing help regarding sexual assault on a child (this may offend some readers)

On the weekend, we had 'friends' come to stay at our house. My daughter, aged 3 has always been a little bit funny about them coming over with their sons. We put it down to they're a little bigger ...

Saturday 31 March 07:02am

Dakota replied to topic hangover

Are you sure its a hangover Denae? I know you drank, but if you honestly dont think it was enough to cause alcohol poisoning, maybe you've picked something else up in the meantime? Hope you feel b...

Tuesday 27 March 06:12am
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