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missmacca replied to topic Overeating

Hi Sasha, I just came across your post - i eat every half hour - even if it is something small. I feel that if I don't eat I will be sick. I'm complately over my morning sickness have been for ...

Saturday 27 May 05:31am

missmacca replied to topic due late december '06 or early jan '07 (with endometriosis)

Hey Keh, I'm due in October but I also Suffer from endometriosis and isn't it wonderful that we have falled naturally.. I was totally shocked - i not only suffer from endo i was also on the pill...

Wednesday 24 May 09:29am

missmacca replied to topic Whats Your Craving??????????

Hi All, I've had some very strange ones from gerkins and cheese sandwiches (has to be on whitebread with the crusts cut off ? not sure why cut off but tastes better) to cheese, tomato and onion ...

Tuesday 25 April 11:24am

missmacca replied to topic My Best Friend, Advice Needed

Shannon, My thoughts are he's 22 - he's married and he doesn't want a baby - then maybe he should have used some protection. He sounds like my other half except we arn't married - i'm 28 (almos...

Tuesday 25 April 07:53am

missmacca replied to topic help with boy names

Austin is nice, are you having trouble with middle names or all of them?? Kell

Tuesday 25 April 07:18am

missmacca replied to topic girls names

Hey Amanda, what about Rhian - i love it but my cousin just named their daughter Rhian Maree Teagan Sarah But it's got to be able to go with your surname. I've chosen boys names but am compl...

Thursday 20 April 08:54am

missmacca started new topic Pregnancy & Diabetes

Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what the symptoms of Diabetes whilst pregnant.

Wednesday 19 April 11:22am

missmacca replied to topic Is this silly?

I love the name Issac or Liam for a boy - not sure about the girls name - haven't decided yet So i hope that helps a little. Kellie

Wednesday 19 April 07:29am

missmacca replied to topic anyone form nsw due in october

Hey Sakshi my name is Kellie and I as well just found out that I am pregnant and due in october. What date are you due do you know? Kel

Wednesday 19 April 06:05am
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