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Awhina88 started new topic Mum struggling with SCN life

My boy was born 29/05 at 34 + 3 weeks. We're still in special care and I have no idea how much longer we will be here, every few days doctors say "another week or two". He was 3.2k...

Friday 07 June 08:59am

Awhina88 started new topic Can only think of one name?

I'm 30 weeks, expecting a boy, and can still only come up with one name that my husband likes too... It's Van (after Van Morrison)... although his first comments were "it's not ...

Wednesday 01 May 08:28am

Awhina88 replied to topic defferent spellings of Lincoln??

Lloyd has two ll's because it's a Welsh name derived from the adjective llwyd meaning grey. Is Welsh "ll" is a separate letter in the alphabet and separate sound to "l"...

Friday 12 April 03:53pm

Awhina88 started new topic Close friend's children not vaccinated

One of my very close friend's 5 children aren't vaccinated, nor is she. I'm currently expecting my first child and I've been wondering how to approach this topic with her. We li...

Friday 12 April 12:35pm
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