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alarna_mae replied to topic northern suburbs schools? SA

my kids go to Burton Primary but i wanted to look at Wynn vale. were located in burton and very close to the school. its a smaller school although i think it is zoned.

Thursday 23 June 05:57am

alarna_mae replied to topic Mums in South Australia?

heya im in north adelaide but like to drive around a bit. ive been here moved from port elliot.

Thursday 23 June 05:51am

alarna_mae replied to topic Hi new to south australia in the northern suburbs looking for mums that would like to chat and meet for coffee..

hello. Ive only just re joined with huggies (i guess i havnt been on here for ages) I live in paralowie, and I have a 3.5 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. I work part time at night and SAHM ...

Thursday 23 June 05:44am

alarna_mae replied to topic Looking for somewhere to live.

"my partner is kickng us out?" sorry love but your pregnant and with a arnt the one to be walking no matter whos house it is. id reverse the action, put his stuff out and tell him he can...

Sunday 11 January 10:13pm

alarna_mae replied to topic obese and pregnant

i want to say 1st..congrats on your pregnancy and i do hope it goes well. hey. its nice that your trying to find help and know what could happen i wasnt big. well i got upto 98 kg with bayden but l...

Tuesday 01 April 08:43pm

alarna_mae replied to topic temporary fostering/custody of SIL baby - pls help!

same kinda situ but different. my nephew was born the mother wasnt fit to take care of a baby neither was my brother. BIG situation but one child had already died in her care 2 others were removed ...

Tuesday 26 February 09:40pm

alarna_mae replied to topic Lyell mac hospital - who has given birth there?

hey paula i had both my kids there. when i had bayden the back carpark was JUST open. when i had emmy 7 mnths ago it was just as great as it was with bayden. no pressure and if you have already had...

Tuesday 26 February 09:35pm

alarna_mae replied to topic Any country mums?

i certainly dream of moving there. hubby just got a new job here so cant but i have a cpl friends there now and some moving there in the next 6 months. im from gawler way (actaully stuck in salisbu...

Wednesday 06 February 05:15am

alarna_mae replied to topic New Mum in SA

im alarna, i work almost full time and get tuesdays off with the kids. im 25 with 3 year old son and 6 month old daughter. im up at 6am today getting my cleaning time in im not working but still ha...

Wednesday 06 February 05:13am

alarna_mae replied to topic Duromine

hey i had physio for 3 months after the birth of bayden and for 1 month after emilieand both physios said it will be nearly impossible to loose that as its not fat pockets and there is no muscle th...

Wednesday 30 January 06:38pm

alarna_mae replied to topic Foster care

i just would like to congratulate you on the choice to look into foster care. i, as a child from a foster care family but being a natural child would like to give some thoughts if I may; Please be ...

Thursday 03 January 07:23am

alarna_mae replied to topic good hairdresser in the northern suburbs

hey not sure how far you want to go but whites road, paralowie there is a great one in the wollies complex. they charge about 25. i cant remembe the name but its funky and has 2 middle age ladies t...

Thursday 03 January 07:05am

alarna_mae replied to topic Infant First Aid Classes

i would 100% recconmend it. i havnt done the class but at the hospital we had to watch a video before we were allowd to leave and even that was so helpful. hubby did the class as part of 1st aid an...

Thursday 03 January 06:53am

alarna_mae replied to topic Circumcision?

i kept my son intact for the main fact that most of the other boys his age will be the same so in school he wont get teased. i did think of the daddy thing but its easy enough to just say he had an...

Thursday 03 January 06:46am

alarna_mae replied to topic closed fontelle?

baydens started to close but didnt the whole way. it left a very small hole for about 18mnths. you could just feel it. i wasnt at all worried that it was going to close the whole way. i dont hers w...

Thursday 03 January 06:42am

alarna_mae replied to topic Williamstown/Gawler/Lyndoch areas?

im in paralowie but i go to gawler often to see MIL.... im happy to catch up at the playhouse anytime i got 3 year old bayden and 4 mnth emilie...

Monday 26 November 05:52pm

alarna_mae replied to topic Does anyone take there child/chilren to Kindergym

i really want to ake bayden to a kindergym or playgroup in the paralowie/salisbury area. im very nervous to try..but now ill wait until i have the baby

Thursday 26 July 04:31pm


Hey amber im 24. I have 2.5 year old bayden and due any day now with a girl. Id be happy to meet you somewhere near by for a coffee once or twice and then venture to your place. I love hungry jack...

Monday 09 July 05:25am

alarna_mae replied to topic Holidaying in Adelaide

Well how much are you looking at spending for accomodation? There really is a BIG price difference. You can stay closer to the city, near the beach or out toward the valley. You can go a b&b, a hot...

Saturday 16 June 05:26am

alarna_mae replied to topic Shrek 3...

haha no biggie hubby and i took him to the drive in on friday night and that was fine. We lay the seats down in my car with blankets and and hes happy to play in the boot it was really good!

Monday 11 June 06:03am
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