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BesTFrienD replied to topic Pregnant in a caravan travelling australia...

was it safe traveling around Australia??? Personally I would like to know where are the safest places in Australia to travel, as my husband dreams to travel to Australia and said me to find the saf...

Monday 16 September 11:10pm

BesTFrienD replied to topic Private Health Insurance

I hate that we're forced to pay for health insurance. The US government gets too much in our lives. They made from the insurance an income machine for the state. I've been to Europe and t...

Friday 09 August 11:13pm

BesTFrienD replied to topic Car accident question

EmilyR1 wrote: What does it mean no to go through insurance? You don't trust that your insurance will help you? Maybe then you have to think about change of insurance? Personally I trust my in...

Saturday 22 June 11:39pm

BesTFrienD replied to topic FastLegacy- Extra Home Income

Member575783 wrote: Oh, I've already tried to make money there, but I realized that this earnings are not for me. I've spent too much time on this. However, then a friend offered me to tr...

Sunday 02 June 11:24pm

BesTFrienD replied to topic Share House For Single Parents

Hi, Ville, are you asking about the apartment tips or do you want someone to offer you a cheap apartment? Personally, I have a friend who also has children, and 5 years ago she decided to save mone...

Sunday 26 May 06:40pm

BesTFrienD replied to topic What heating/cooling system does your house have?

Omg i remember those terrible days when outside were 35 degree and we could not afford an air conditioner furthermore our ventilator was damaged and we couldn't do nothing at least to wait the...

Tuesday 14 May 10:23pm
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