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Jeff started new topic Best Electronic Breast Pump

Dear All, My wife is suffering from Mastitis and was wondering if anyone out there could recommend an Electric Breast pump. I've purchased her a Avent ISIS pump which works exceptionally well, bu...

Friday 14 April 04:46pm

Jeff replied to topic To mobile or not to mobile?

Hi YYM, The only thing that I can add, is not related to whether to or not use a musical mobile, but rather make a suggestion: - If you choose to purchase one, try them before you buy them. The ...

Monday 03 April 04:33pm

Jeff replied to topic Steelcraft Acclaim

Hi Tania, I did my research on the web before buying our Steelcraft Ebony. It's very similar to the Acclaim, but I think the vibrating wheels issues have ceased to exist. However the annoying se...

Thursday 30 March 06:54am

Jeff replied to topic CAR SEAT ADVICE

Hi Nicole, I think with the Astra Classic (TS model, which I'll assume you own) you can get a child bolt put to that is off centre, as suggested by Rdsmum. The new Astra's have the child bolt pla...

Thursday 30 March 06:32am

Jeff started new topic Newborn Nappies Vs. Infant Size - when to change over

Hi all, Just wondering when to start pre-buying Infant sized nappies and moving away from the Newborn Huggies. I'm just a little confused. Our Newborn packs read, and I quote, "Up to 5 kg". But...

Tuesday 28 March 05:23am

Jeff replied to topic why so hard

Hi Adnrew, I'm a first time dad too and find myself in the same situtation. But just like others have suggested, you just need to put yourself in the correct mindset regarding the role that you p...

Tuesday 28 March 05:03am

Jeff replied to topic any good dummies??

Hi Tambam1, My only advice is to get one that is light. My wife and I went have tried five different brands with prices ranging between $2-15. As a newborn, we found that James could only manage...

Monday 27 March 09:01pm

Jeff started new topic Grobag Egg

Dear All, Does anyone out there own a Grobag Egg? It's suppose to be a great tool for measuring the room temperature of your little one's room. It changes colour depending upon the room temperat...

Monday 27 March 08:48pm

Jeff replied to topic Anyone married to one of these

Hi Ladies, I thought I'd offer a man's opinion to this post. Let me first start by sharing our wonderful news that we've just had our first baby boy (3 weeks). I've taken 6 weeks off work (unhea...

Saturday 25 March 05:57am
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