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tiggs replied to topic dvds and tv shows

my 14mth old son loves playschool,thomas,wiggles and raggs as well as anything that has music.whats funny is he stops whatever he is doing and watches that football add that goes gimmy gimmy.think ...

Sunday 07 October 12:58pm

tiggs replied to topic 13mnth old- on the go ,

it gets worse trust boy is 14mths old and walking and into everything.he can turn the tv on and off,open cupboards,climb out of his bed and if i dont close the bath room door can turn the tap...

Sunday 07 October 12:53pm

tiggs replied to topic Anyone heard of or experienced toddler diarrhoea

hi my ds is 13mths as well and has also had runny poos for a couple of months but he also has some solid ones as dr said it was due to teething and that it gets worse when they cut their m...

Sunday 19 August 05:52pm

tiggs started new topic help toddler wont self settle

hi i have a 13mth old son who was always a good sleeper until he turned 7mths old and since then it has gone down hill.he has never gone to sleep by himself and i'm not very strong in just letting ...

Friday 17 August 08:03am

tiggs replied to topic Quick Question

maybe those women dont have wonderful men in there hubby is amazing and helps me whenever he isnt at work.sometimes i do have to ask for extra help but he doesnt conplain much lol.i think ...

Thursday 16 August 07:21am

tiggs replied to topic no sex drive

hi i was the same.when i was 6 mths pregnant up until my bubs was 9 mths i was not interested in sex with my dp i would have to force myself.but now bubs is 13mths and for the last 3 mths our sex ...

Thursday 16 August 05:57am

tiggs replied to topic 3 yr old wakes me up all night!!!!!!! VENT!!! Husband deaf!!!!

hi i have a 13 mth old son and he most nights will wake up crying for mum.i use to just get up to him but sinces dp and i are trying for another onehe gets up to him some nites during the week but ...

Monday 13 August 02:56pm

tiggs replied to topic mil does it again !

sorry but i have to agree with everyone else.i dont see what the problem is.if i go to my mums early in the morning she doesnt always have a bra on and it doesnt bother for the showering my ...

Thursday 09 August 03:45pm

tiggs replied to topic scared of the vacum

hi my 13mth old son is also scared of the vacuum.what i do is when i turn it on he starts to cry so i hold my hand out to him and he crawls over to me and holds either my hand or my leg while i vac...

Thursday 09 August 03:20pm

tiggs replied to topic Partner works away

hi emma69 my partner works away as well.he can be away for a week or sometimes even 3 or 4 and then be home for up to 2 months as he is a boilermaker and has to go were the work is.we have a 1yr ol...

Sunday 05 August 05:35pm

tiggs replied to topic when to ween of formula

thanks guys.i tried today giving my son cows milk mid morning instead of formula and he seems to like it.i agree with what you said about the stinky nappies it was really bad.thanks heaps

Friday 13 July 06:21pm

tiggs started new topic when to ween of formula

hi everyone im just after a bit of what age did everyone ween their bubs of formula and onto cows son is 12mths next wk and he has cows milk on his beakfast but has formula for dr...

Wednesday 11 July 06:06pm

tiggs replied to topic anyone miss being pregnant?

i loved being pregnant too and cant wait to get pregnant again but wont be for another year as we want ds to be about 2.5 by the time new bub is born.i had a second degree tear and was given the nu...

Friday 06 July 07:19pm

tiggs replied to topic Trouble with the inlaws?

hi everyone i feel so lucky that my mil is in queensland and we are in perth.she came with my partners younger brother who is 26 and has son was only 3 wks old and as im a first ti...

Friday 06 July 07:11pm

tiggs replied to topic HELP ME PLEASE

hi syd i was the same it took me till my son was 7mths old to try as i was so scared and i had heaps of stitches but like the other mums have said it will only hurt for a little while.i actual thou...

Thursday 21 June 06:55pm

tiggs replied to topic Circumsicion in boys

hi i havent had my son done and i dont intend to only because i dont like the idea and neither does hubby but i think your very brave in doing it as like you said many people will be

Thursday 21 June 06:47pm

tiggs replied to topic Standing in cot

hi my son is 11mths and has been doing that since he was 8mths too.i have given up trying to stop him as he just does it all the more,im hoping he will grow out of it.i have just had to remove his ...

Wednesday 20 June 06:59pm

tiggs replied to topic When to dump the dummy?

hi my 11mth old son still has his dummy and it is only when he is settling to sleep or really upset with his teeth.i think it is everyones personal choice but i'm going to start weening him of it a...

Friday 15 June 04:42pm

tiggs started new topic how to self settle 11 mth old son without controll crying

hi i was wondering if there is anyway to get my 11mth old son to self settle without control crying.he has only ever gone to sleep either in my arms or next to me in my bed and know that he is olde...

Tuesday 12 June 06:35pm

tiggs replied to topic how many bubs with the same bday!

hi denae my son jake was also born on the 17 july 2006 and is also trying to walk.what time was cohen born

Sunday 27 May 04:48pm
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