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*Ange* replied to topic Please think of me today!

Good luck for you and your family today...Please let us know how it all turns out.

Thursday 21 June 09:06am

*Ange* replied to topic how much do u pay for day care a week?

I meant to say JET not FET...sorry!

Thursday 14 June 08:53am

*Ange* replied to topic how much do u pay for day care a week?

Hi everyone Just rang Family Assistance to get some more details on the FET Assistance. The lady told me that you have to be receiving some sort of payment ie parenting payment to be eligible, if y...

Thursday 14 June 08:52am

*Ange* started new topic Any Mums in Byford interested in Walking?

Hi Everyone I live in Byford and like alot of other people out there I dont do enough exercise, well none to be honest, just carrying my little mum up and down the stairs at home! Just wondering ...

Wednesday 13 June 09:40am

*Ange* replied to topic when did your bub take their first steps?

Hi there, my son, Joshua who's 1 in two weeks (YAY), has just figured out that he can walk without Mum and Dad calling him!, he made it all the way down the hallway the other night, so cute. I als...

Wednesday 13 June 09:31am

*Ange* started new topic From Baby to Toddler Section??

Hi All, my son is just about to turn one, I really love getting onto the huggies forum but Im not too sure when I stop looking at the 'Baby' posts and go to the 'Toddler' posts?? Any ideas?? Thanks

Wednesday 13 June 09:24am

*Ange* replied to topic how much do u pay for day care a week?

Hi there, so this JET payment is available to not only single parents?? I have been out of work for about 17 months while looking after baby - so I am assuming anyone returning to the workforce wou...

Tuesday 12 June 01:25pm

*Ange* replied to topic Why does my baby keeps shaking his head?

My son went through the head turning phase at about the same time, then stopped for a while, then started again and I havent seen him do it for a few months now!! He's 11 months now. As Kristo sai...

Saturday 26 May 11:33am

*Ange* replied to topic WHEN TO START COWS MILK????

HI there, yeah he has cows milk in his food, i was thinking of using up the last tin of formula then try cows milk. Seems weird though, paying $17 for formula and then paying only around $3 for mi...

Saturday 26 May 09:55am

*Ange* replied to topic sons b day

Hi there My son is going to be 1 on the 25th June 06!! YAY, im also so so excited! We are having a joing birthday party with my little nephew who is turning 1 on the 17th of June. I just went an...

Saturday 26 May 08:19am

*Ange* started new topic WHEN TO START COWS MILK????

Hi Everyone Just after a bit of input, my son is 11 months old now and was wondering if I should try and introduce him to cows milk? Im not too sure if it's a little early or if i should just con...

Saturday 26 May 08:15am

*Ange* replied to topic Unmarried but Partnered.

Hi there I've been with my parnter now for 5 years aswell but I have the ring! Got it last year so I'm happy now!! I think I nagged and nagged too much and he finally got sick of it! No plans fo...

Saturday 12 May 06:05pm

*Ange* started new topic BABIES BORN IN JUNE 2006??

Hi Everyone My little man, Joshua was born on the 25th June 2006. Just wanted to chat to other Mum's with bubs around the same age and see what they are up to? Joshua is a very 'busy' 10 month o...

Wednesday 09 May 12:10pm

*Ange* replied to topic how many teeth???

Hi there, As Linda said, I dont think there is anything 'normal' when it comes to babies! They are all so different. My little one got his 1st tooth at 5 months, he's now 10 months old and has s...

Wednesday 09 May 12:07pm

*Ange* replied to topic please pray for my baby

Thats great news, things are starting to look up! Our thoughts are with you Cassie. Take Care.

Tuesday 01 May 12:50pm

*Ange* replied to topic BUBS ALMOST FELL UNCONCIOUS - HELP

Hi there Hope bubs is doing well. I would just go straight to the hospital, all is fine Im sure but for anything some peice of mind. Ange

Sunday 29 April 08:57am

*Ange* replied to topic Any Young Mums Armadale. gosnells, Huntingdale, Thornlie, C/Vale or surrounding areas with babies around 8 till 15 months wanna catch up n let kids play???

Hi Sasha, my little man is also Joshua! Josh is almost 10 months old now and is just so active! Where abouts are you thinking about meeting up, Im in Byford and have been thinking about joining a ...

Sunday 22 April 06:52pm

*Ange* started new topic Playgroup/Mums catch up BYFORD?

Hi Everyone I have a very very active 10 month boy and have been contemplating going to a playgroup to let Joshua socialise with some other children and to have a chat to some mums in my area and ...

Sunday 22 April 06:43pm

*Ange* replied to topic Is this just a phase ????

Hi there Josh is almost ten months old and yes I'm going through that right now, and its driving me mad!! Im not giving in to him though, it takes a while and he fights it but I manage to get it i...

Sunday 22 April 06:34pm

*Ange* replied to topic wanting to start bubs on Solids @ 4 months

Hi there, I also started feeding my little man from 4 months. I offered him rice cereal which was just mixed with his formula bottles and that went down REALLY WELL. So I started him on some pure...

Sunday 22 April 06:30pm
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