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barbd replied to topic September 2006 Babies what's your bub doing now.

Hi everyone! Congrats to the prego mums! I don't know how you do it being pregnant and having a 1yr old, my hat's off to you ladies! Aria was born on 13th September, 10 days overdue, emergency c-...

Wednesday 07 November 03:44pm

barbd replied to topic Any September 2006 babies?

Aria was born 13 September 2006, weighed 8lb 3oz. Emergency c-section, very scary time. She was born in Napier New Zealand. She is not crawling yet, but is sitting on her own, eating solids and ha...

Friday 18 May 03:36pm

barbd started new topic sick of sore boobs!

Hi everyone, Is there anyone out there who has a solution to ease the pain of sore boobs? I am 23wks preg and nearly everyday I have moments of tender boobs and it's starting to annoy me.. A LOT! ...

Thursday 04 May 05:16am

barbd replied to topic 9 Years Difference

Hi, This is my second pregnancy, my first was 10 years ago!!! I feel as though I'm preg for the first time and having to study up on everything again and I'm a little freaked out about labour espe...

Thursday 27 April 05:45am

barbd replied to topic Having this baby has ruined realtionship with partners brother

Hi there, Sorry to hear about your family dilemma, I agree with some of the other members that the brother sounds jealous. As for the girlfriend, my advice is to not give her the time of day, she ...

Thursday 27 April 05:40am

barbd replied to topic Has anyone got pregnant when they were late taking b/c pill?

Yes and I'm due in september but really happy about it. I was on the mini-pill and was 1 day late taking it!

Thursday 27 April 05:24am

barbd replied to topic What do u think???

Love the name Tia! I'm having trouble with choosing a boy's name, I have one daughter Havana who's 10yrs and should this baby (due sept) be a girl we have chosen the name Aria. As for boys names,...

Thursday 27 April 04:54am
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