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Dimples81 replied to topic In-Law Issues

I know how you are feeling darl. I had the exact same issues with my MIL with my first baby. DH and I never fought until then because i felt it was his responsibility to tell her and he just wasn't...

Wednesday 22 March 07:05am

Dimples81 started new topic DH opposed to Breastfeeding

Has anyone else had a hubby that is opposed to breastfeeding? My DH hated me doing it and with little support and a low supply (which led to nipple confusion after comp. bottles) i gave up. I have ...

Wednesday 22 March 06:57am

Dimples81 replied to topic formula which one to use

My first DD got constipated on S26 and the hospital recommended Karicare which worked great for us. A lot of people have found it good that i know so you may want to give that a go! A CHN or GP may...

Wednesday 22 March 06:47am

Dimples81 replied to topic Breast feeding in public....

I, myself could not feed in public, only because i feel uncomfortable doing it so i would do i in the car with a blanket over bub if we were out or take a formula bottle with me as DD was getting c...

Wednesday 22 March 06:44am

Dimples81 replied to topic Baby Won't Breastfeed after using bottle

I also had a low supply so was somping with bottles from about 3 weeks of age. By 6 weeks my DD was refusing the boob so i only fed her of a night (she was too stressed trying to suck at the boob) ...

Saturday 18 March 11:25am

Dimples81 replied to topic 2 week old

A general rule of thumb i was told by a CHN is 150mls per kilo of body weight divided by the number of feeds. So if bub is 5kgs they should be having around 750mls per day so you just divide that b...

Saturday 18 March 11:19am
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