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Dam.Reed replied to topic Coffee group/new friends

Good housing is always expensive. I don't think that something will change in the near future. I read chicago breaking news recently and saw an interesting article on housing issues. They bega...

Friday 25 October 03:32am

Dam.Reed replied to topic How did you meet?

I met my wife when I made an order for cleaning the house before Christmas. She was so energetic and smiled all the time. It hooked me and we started dating. True, I insisted that she find less har...

Wednesday 23 October 05:33pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic Need a easy-to-use

Katiep wrote: At work we use a complete bookkeeping program....then just photo copy the recipts and keep them in monthly folders in alphabetical order. We use MYOB, its really easy to use I wonder...

Monday 21 October 10:31pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic What is your dream lifestyle?

I think the love for welding is often a phenomenon in men. Some were able to make a permanent business out of it, but I myself am still considering semi-professional welding machines at The Welding...

Friday 27 September 12:04am

Dam.Reed replied to topic SLEEP???How many hours do you get?

Sturgette wrote: Unfortunatly I stay up late, with lunches,cleaning,and washing for 5,plus all the cloth nappies it's about 11-12 before i get to bed, yes sleeping in...oh that sounds nice!!! ...

Monday 24 June 01:08pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic want to move to england

VictoriaMorris wrote: I think that life in England and New Zealand is a bit similar. These are almost the same landscapes outside the window, small towns, and farms. But the cost of living there is...

Friday 14 June 09:54pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic MELBOURNE PHONE BOOK


Friday 14 June 09:48pm
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