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susan.a started new topic my baby's changing routine

Hi all, susan here again with ANOTHER question... Owen is just over 6mths, he's teething, and yesterday was an ABSOLUTE shocker. No amount of panadol, sedgel or cuddles could help. On top of that...

Friday 05 May 04:43am

susan.a started new topic feeding solids

Ok guys, time for another question from me. My 6mth old is on solids as well as formula , has been for about a month now, but i'm worried i'm overfeeding him. The suggestion is that i should give ...

Saturday 29 April 04:00am

susan.a replied to topic LEST WE FORGET

Good on you sharon, god help us that we ever forget those brave men and women. My son will def know about it as my Great, Great Aunt was captured in Singapore as a nurse and spent 3 yrs in Japan a...

Wednesday 26 April 08:18am

susan.a started new topic teething rash

Hi all, my son Owen is 6mths and he's teething, well he has been since about 3 mths and it's still going but seems to be worse lately because of this rash on his bottom. I have been using a combo ...

Wednesday 26 April 08:12am

susan.a replied to topic Travelling Topics? Going out with kids...

Hi Wasabi2, I'm interested in this too. My son is 6mths and WILL NOT SETTLE when we are out, unless it's in the portable cot, and in a dark room, just like home i guess, but not in the pram..... ...

Wednesday 26 April 08:05am

susan.a started new topic baby not pooing

Hi there, nice topic i know, but my son has never been a big pooer.He's 5 months today and recently over the last week i have increased his rice cereal intake. On the weekend he was the most unsett...

Tuesday 21 March 11:43am

susan.a replied to topic Restless sleeper during day-Help!

hi, this is my first time on this forum. i seem to be having the same problem. Owen can feed every 4-5 hrs during the night, but during the day it's a different matter. In fact, he went from 7.30pm...

Wednesday 11 January 10:19am
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