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Joel_2005 replied to topic ABC LEARNING!!

hEY jOEL IS 17months old and has been attending ABC learning centre for 2 months...or more now! Anyways all thy ask me to pack is a set of sheets....afternoon tea (if they are there after 4.) a dr...

Friday 03 November 10:30am

Joel_2005 replied to topic 17 month old at a wedding

hey lillie! Me and my parter are getting married in 9 days! and our 17month old will be our paige boy. Im no way concerned about behaviour as there will be plenty of people around t0 help keep him ...

Friday 03 November 10:22am

Joel_2005 replied to topic summer babies

hey, couldnt help but notice you are from Penrith. I used to live in Brinjelly...a very very long time ago! lol! Good luck with haing a summer baby! I think it would be easier to get up to them cau...

Wednesday 01 November 10:39am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Welcoming Our Beautiful Daughter Dakota..

congrats, hope everything is well!

Saturday 21 October 09:02am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Which name is best? Baby girl coming next week!

I like Tahlia. My cousins name is Tahlia and shes gorgeous. I also know a little 2 year old named Tahlia and she has so much persoanlity just booming to come out! I dont like sounds like...

Saturday 14 October 09:53am

Joel_2005 replied to topic names for a girl or boy

Hey! Choosing a name is the most funnest and hardest task! Here are a few we like: Samantha Rose Lillian Maye Georgina Skye Skyler Grace Evelyn Rose Nathen Joel Joel Adam (hehe) Mitchell Scott Jor...

Friday 06 October 03:15pm

Joel_2005 replied to topic Early or Late?

I was Due on the 11th May and had Joel on the 20th of May! So I was LATE! GRR! If they offer to induce u DO IT! lol! Joel ended up being 10lbs and I reckon it cause of the extra nourishment he got!

Thursday 14 September 08:20am

Joel_2005 replied to topic WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE out of my list? Please help me choose!

Um I think Imogene and Miles are my fav. out or ur list...but not something I would use! Goodluck

Sunday 10 September 08:04am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Queanbeayan District Hospital

Hey I have a friend from Queanbeyan! And I believe she had her little man there! Umm, I dont think her experience was completely bad..but nor completely good Either! Good luck

Sunday 10 September 07:36am

Joel_2005 started new topic Question...

So ladies what do u think..are Winter babies better? Or are summer babies? I mean it would be so much easier to get up in the middle of the night in summer cause well for the simple fact that IT IS...

Wednesday 30 August 08:54am

Joel_2005 started new topic there should be a law....

Hey ladies, dont u think after enduing pain of bub number one, that the second baby should just slither out nicely! hehe! Ahh..just thought I would share this all with u! lol But I mean u have to a...

Wednesday 30 August 08:52am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Going off the pill

hey sum say a month! But we are aiming to start trying in november! but like Im off the pill now and dont plan on using any form on contraceptive! so if it happens it happens! But like I wanted to ...

Wednesday 30 August 08:49am

Joel_2005 replied to topic new preganancy

hey wow congrats! Who cares about the different fathers! I mean-They are both urs anyways !lol! I am not in the same vote but thought I would say CONGRATS anyways:)! WOO HOO!

Monday 28 August 03:57pm

Joel_2005 started new topic Is it normal?

Ok ladies, DF and I are planning to start trying in november and I have just gone off the pill 4 days ago and AF has just arrived with a BANG! may I add! Like quite painful! Started 15mins ago actu...

Friday 25 August 09:03am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Any Unique Names?

Hey, I knew a Blaze..he killed himself! I know not very nice but he was my then best friends brother! and it was very sad cause no one knew why:(

Friday 25 August 08:53am

Joel_2005 started new topic Side effcts of going off the Pill??

Hey girls! Just went off the pill today and was curious if there are any side effects of going off it? Like I heard ur Periods can be heavier and more crampier??? Has this happened to anyone?? I am...

Tuesday 22 August 09:14am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Anyone preg and used a crystal clear test? Need help!

Hey Amber Crystal Clear is what I used when I fell preggers with Joel! ...WEll as u know...quite accurate!

Monday 21 August 04:47pm

Joel_2005 replied to topic a cow for a sister who doesnt care about anyone but herself

H3y Candi! I was 17 too when I fell preggers and my sis was 20! Let me just start by telling you-She WAS so LAZY whilst I was living at home! Like I was working 2 jobs, and like whenever I got tire...

Sunday 20 August 09:49am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Please i need help with middle names..... I havent got long

Hey! lol! You sound so frantic so hopefully these will help u out Rose Skye Callie Louise Ruby Faye Leila Marie Lee Daisy Eva Hallie Ivie Jade Kylie Maisy Nina Samantha Tahlia Uma Veronica Wendy Yv...

Thursday 17 August 08:40am

Joel_2005 replied to topic Is this normal?

hey rach! I am no doctor but it took around 9months before I could insert a tampon without feeling discomfort. As for sex, well...there will be no more doggy for us because it hurts too much! Shoul...

Friday 04 August 07:52am
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