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Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Eating solids while out and about

Hi, Just wondering what other parents do when they are out and about and baby is eating solids? When I go to places where there are no microwaves in the parents room, I can't heat up DS's food. I...

Wednesday 27 September 07:03am
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Is it Diarrhea or just too regular?

Hi, My 7.5 month old DS started solids 2 months ago and I have noticed for the past few weeks that he has become very regular - pooing 3 to 4 times a day! Sorry to be so graphic, but his poo has...

Tuesday 12 September 05:41pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Pooing 4 times a day!!

Hi, My 7 month old son has been on solids for 1.5 months now and I have just started him on 3 meals a day. Breakfast consists of farex with apple/pear, lunch is pumpkin, potato and lentils and di...

Wednesday 06 September 05:50pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Dribble Rash or Food Intolerance Rash

Hi, I'm not sure what dribble rash looks like and whether my 6.5 month old son has it or whether he is intolerant to some of his solids? I have just started him on solids and he has eaten potato...

Monday 21 August 05:49pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Can learning to roll affect sleep patterns? HELP!

Hi, Can anyone please help me?? I have a 5 month old son who learnt to roll at 4.5 months but has only since become "addicted" to it - whenever I put him down, he will ROLL! He does it in his cot ...

Wednesday 28 June 03:16pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Can anyone recommend a good highchair?

Hi, My darling son is 5 months old and soon starting solids - just wondering which highchair I should buy? Are the Hi/Lo ones good and should I be looking for certain features? Any advice would...

Tuesday 27 June 04:36pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Is bub drinking too quickly?

Hi, I have a 17 week old son who is formula fed and he is drinking NAN 1HA Gold. The amounts he drinks varies at each feed and can range from 100mls to 200mls (he has 5 feeds a day). We are using...

Friday 09 June 03:35pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Overactive 4 month old - is this normal?

Hi there, I have a 4 month old son who is very active - he just doesn't stay still for very long at all. Nappy changing is becoming a task and a half as he seems to dig in his heels and push away ...

Tuesday 30 May 03:05pm
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum started new topic Head Control at 12 weeks

My 12 week old son has tummy time after every feed and nappy change and he can usually last for 2-3 minutes before he starts whinging. However, I am still finding that his head bobs forward and he ...

Saturday 29 April 11:09am
Jake's Mum

Jake's Mum replied to topic daytime sleeps/bad habits

Hi M&H, What a relief that someone else is in the same position! My son who is 10 weeks old is doing exactly the same thing! He sleeps great during the night and doesn't even need a dummy! But du...

Monday 10 April 05:16pm
Jake's Mum
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