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Louise.E replied to topic long haul to uk with 2 and 4 yr old boys - any advice!!??

Hello I've got a 2yr old and a 4 yr old and we are also traveling to the uk at the end of the year! Have you thought about getting the kids a trunki each so that they can carry their own things? i...

Saturday 05 June 01:00am

Louise.E started new topic Play date for 4yr old, carlingford/epping

Hello I'm looking for a playdate for my nearly 4yr old son. All our friends are girls and I feel he is missing out on interacting with boys. We live around carlingford/epping, if anyone is interes...

Saturday 27 March 02:10am

Louise.E started new topic where has my mojo gone??

Hi ladies This is an embrassing one, whilst I was pregnant with my youngest (who is now 1) I was never in the mood for anything physical. After she was born I was still the same which I thought wa...

Saturday 14 February 10:58am

Louise.E started new topic wooden thomas the tank engine

Hello everyone My little boy has become obsessed with thomas, I've become obsessed with the price! Does anyone know who sells wooden thomas trains cheapest? Thanks in advance

Saturday 15 November 10:40am

Louise.E started new topic Where to move????

Hello My family and I need to move to Sydney ASAP and we have no idea where the good or bad suburbs are. We are thinking of somewhere between Strathfield and Penrith but that is about all we have ...

Friday 22 August 07:56am

Louise.E started new topic gagging on potatoe

hey Bubs is 6 months and has been on solids for a couple of weeks. She loves pumpkin and apple but it not so keen on potato. She often gags on it even if it is really runny. We use the plain white...

Monday 18 August 10:50am

Louise.E replied to topic my house is like a BOMB has hit it HELP!!!!

Hello My house is always a bomb site!! toys are everywhere, baskets of washed clothes act as my wardrobe as I don't have the time to put them away, dishes are never ending! everytime i do a big cl...

Friday 11 July 11:50am

Louise.E replied to topic Just cohabitating?

hey you both sound like me! only difference is we've been together for only 4 years and had our 3rd yr wedding anniversary yesterday. Its quite depressing. kids are very time consuming and tirin...

Friday 11 July 11:42am

Louise.E started new topic when do bubs have only 2 day sleeps?

Hey My 2nd bub is 5 months old and seems to want to stay up for longer in the day. I can't remember when bub 1 went from 3 to 2 day sleeps. Is 5 months too young?

Friday 11 July 11:27am

Louise.E replied to topic Language Delay - what can I do?

Hey I wouldn't worry too much, all babies are different. We had speech pathologist visiting us when DS was 8 months old for a couple of months as they thought he didn't speak enough words. This wa...

Thursday 10 July 11:25am

Louise.E started new topic upsy daisy and iggle piggle, a couple?

silly question I know but I always wonder if they are a couple! what are your opinions?

Tuesday 08 July 02:40pm

Louise.E started new topic blowing instead of sucking

Hi My near 5 month old has started to blow air/bubbles back into her bottle instead of sucking milk out! She thinks its the funniest thing. Does anyone else's bub do this?

Friday 27 June 08:11am

Louise.E started new topic tooth erupting from side of gum

Hi My DD is barely 4 months old and has been drooling heaps. Yesterday I noticed an eye tooth coming through the side of her gum rather than the top. Has anyone else seen this happen?

Wednesday 28 May 09:33am

Louise.E started new topic Tiger airways

Hi Has anyone flown with tiger airways? we are debating flying with them or singapore air. The difference in price is incredible!

Friday 23 May 10:32am

Louise.E started new topic seeking feeding expert

Hi I have a near 4 month old who is barely drinking much more than she did when she was 3 weeks old. She's growing reasonably and is happy but I believe there is something wrong. Babies her age dr...

Friday 23 May 10:08am

Louise.E started new topic ANts are invading our house!!!

Hi ladies We have a severe ant problem in our house, they are living in the walls and eating through the plaster! We called the landlord but the said to try ant powder before they send someone ove...

Friday 09 May 06:40am

Louise.E replied to topic young mum wants friends joondalup

hello tessa I know what you mean about people judging you! I'm quite petite and look younger than the 25yrs that I am and when out and about with my 2 bubs I get some pretty dirty looks sometimes....

Wednesday 07 May 03:45pm

Louise.E replied to topic young mum wants friends joondalup

Hello Sorry to hear about your situation, I'm 25 and find that a lot of groups around are full of older women. There are some real horror stories out there about how younger mums are made to feel ...

Tuesday 06 May 09:53am

Louise.E replied to topic Buying in Bulk. (FAL)

Hey Becka Not sure which FAL you are going to but if its the one in cannington then you should check out the fresh fruit and vege markets on saturdays. When we use to live SOR we would go every fe...

Tuesday 06 May 08:43am

Louise.E started new topic discipline when he thinks its funny

Hello ladies Here is my situation, we have a nearly 2yo who is constantly naughty. Last night he kept on biting our leather sofa and climbing onto it. We told him no in calm voices, he just laughe...

Tuesday 06 May 08:08am
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