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Member779220 started new topic Forceful let down affecting sleep. Help!

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had issues with their overactive/forceful let down creating issues with their baby’s sleep? If so, how to you manage it? My DD coughs, gags and gulps whilst BFing. ...

Thursday 18 July 09:33am

Member779220 replied to topic How'd you cure Mastitis? Are you taking probiotics?

Hi! I highly recommend Qiara Also, sleep on your back. I got mastitis three times with DS1 and most times it was because I slept on my side and squished the “girls” whilst I was sleeping

Thursday 18 July 09:22am

Member779220 started new topic Bedside bassinets/co sleepers?

Interested to hear from people who have a bedside sleeper/bassinet (aka co sleeper bassinet)? i have a star kids intimo I recently bought for my one month old who sleeps better when touching me. ...

Sunday 14 July 06:56am
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