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MD4067 replied to topic Grommets help

Ok so my son had his first of grommets come out approx. 12 months after they were put in. I didn't know they had come out. We had custom made earplugs done they are made to fit the ear perfe...

Friday 20 December 04:41pm

MD4067 started new topic Eye teeth

Hi Guys My 18 month old DD has just got the point of her last eye tooth through her gum. My question is does the pain continue as the tooth is still pushing through? She is pretty feral at the m...

Monday 09 April 07:19pm

MD4067 replied to topic Little Worried!

I had high blood pressure with both my pregnancies and yes my feet swelled I had kankles! The hot weather doesn't help much either. It never started that early for me though and I never got pre e...

Saturday 21 January 12:36am

MD4067 replied to topic has anyone used body trim

Hi I tried it and didnt really like it. I found it to have way too much protein for my liking. If you like your carbs and fruit it isnt for you. I eventually went back on weight watchers and lo...

Wednesday 09 November 06:37pm

MD4067 replied to topic Morning sickness

My first pregnancy I had pretty much no morning sickness I felt queasy a few times, I had a boy. My second pregnancy I had constant nausea from 4 weeks till around 10 weeks, I had a girl.

Wednesday 09 November 06:54am

MD4067 replied to topic Very Fussy 4.5 year old

Thanks for your reply, my son is that stubborn that I honestly think he would prefer to starve than try a new food! Seriously does my head in. The thing is he is a happy little boy doing well at ...

Sunday 28 August 06:38am

MD4067 replied to topic Not sure if i am having a miscarrige or not?

Hi there After the birth of my first baby my first period was horrible! It was very heavy, painful and I did have a small amout of what they call retained product. The retained product came out ...

Sunday 28 August 06:01am

MD4067 started new topic Very Fussy 4.5 year old

Hi guys I know 4 and a half isnt really a toddler but I wasnt sure where to post! I am hoping some of you out there have some advice for me. My son has been fussy since he started solids and it ...

Sunday 28 August 05:55am

MD4067 replied to topic Snacks - when is it really necessary??

Hi there I also have a 10 month old this is our routine: Wake 7 - 8 am She has brekkie then a bottle to top up 10ish small snack Nap somewhere here 12ish Lunch 1-2pm Bottle Nap 4ish Small snack 5...

Sunday 31 July 03:34am

MD4067 replied to topic Help with weight loss?

Hi Caitie I have just started using weight watchers pro points, like you I dont have alot of time for exercise. I have found it really good I have used it before but its much better now as you ca...

Thursday 28 July 02:54am

MD4067 replied to topic Present help please

Hi there My DS is 5 and he loves lego, transformers, leapfrog, puzzles, drawing, ben 10 and board games. Hope this helps

Tuesday 19 July 08:07pm

MD4067 started new topic Baby Beanies

Hi I am after a nice crochet beanie for my bald 8 month old daughter. Does anyone make them or know someone who does?? Thanks

Thursday 02 June 02:14am

MD4067 replied to topic MY BABY NEEDS A NAME!!!

I have a Cooper love the name! I also think Koby is quite nice.

Friday 27 May 04:55am

MD4067 started new topic Food and formula quantities

Hi guys So my nearly 8 month old DD has only just taken to solids in the last week or so and is having four 200ml bottles a day sometimes five if she is up through the night. Does anyone know how...

Thursday 26 May 03:50am

MD4067 replied to topic Gastro

Thankyou for the replies greatly appreciated. Looks like a few more days of poo explosions!

Wednesday 18 May 10:59pm

MD4067 started new topic Gastro

Hi guys I was wondering how long it should last for. She only has the bottom end going but she has had it for 5 days. I know it is a virus because the rest of the family have all had it, it just...

Tuesday 17 May 10:48pm

MD4067 replied to topic 2nd Baby

Hi there My second bub engaged around 34/35 weeks and I was induced at 38 weeks. So it could mean something or you could be waiting a while. Good luck with your birth whenever it comes.

Thursday 12 May 09:10pm

MD4067 replied to topic BLW

Thanks for the ideas, much appreciated.

Thursday 05 May 10:47pm

MD4067 started new topic BLW

Hi guys My nearly 7 month old has decided she doesnt want to eat anything from a spoon so I have decided to give BLW a go. She is very keen to put any food in her mouth as long as Im not feeding ...

Thursday 05 May 06:02am

MD4067 replied to topic Being Induced

Hi I have had two inductions both at 38 weeks. My first was a terrible experience my second was so easy. It all depends on the person I guess, I would suggest that if you are considering an epidu...

Saturday 09 April 12:29am
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