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Member587851 replied to topic Implanon Removal, no period?

From what I have read it can take weeks, if not months for your periods to return to normal after the removal of nexplanon. But, if it's longer than a couple of months then see your doctor. ...

Thursday 06 February 10:16pm

Member587851 replied to topic Heard of this revolutionary saliva-base AI ovulation test gadget?

It looks a lot like an ovulation microscope except more fancy, They work by finding "ferning" patterns in your saliva which indicates that you are ovulating. This tool has been around fo...

Friday 22 November 02:00am

Member587851 replied to topic Breast feeding and alcohol??

If you are worried about your milk containing alcohol you can quite easily test it with breastmilk alcohol strips. They show either a negative or positive result. Here is a link to an NZ supplier:...

Sunday 25 August 04:13am

Member587851 replied to topic Buying ovulation and pregnancy testing strips in NZ?

Hi there, You can buy a wide range of pregnancy and ovulation tests over at They are as cheap as $0.50 a test and most of the products are FDA approved. Two-day shipping avai...

Friday 19 July 09:13pm
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