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shatyr replied to topic Naming Ceremony in NZ

Find a celebrant in your area that does naming ceremonies, and he/she will be able to help you with the rest. Do you have somewhere, where you would like to have the ceremony??

Wednesday 30 April 07:19pm

shatyr replied to topic Exercise Balls!

I also have one and use one at the gym, I use mine for ab workouts and handweights. Its also good for posture when your watching tv, or in front of the comp.

Tuesday 29 April 11:24am

shatyr replied to topic Who goes to the Gym?

I go to the gym 5 days a week @ 10am. Most gyms have a creche facility, I also pay $17.50 a week for my membership which is done via direct debiting. When you do sign up, they will advise you to ma...

Tuesday 29 April 11:21am

shatyr replied to topic What would you say?

First of all, I just wanna say, that your DD is absolutely beautiful..... Secondly, I agree that you should avoid whats happend in the past (for now) and just concentrate on your DD, and making su...

Tuesday 29 April 09:41am

shatyr replied to topic favourite takeaway

Thai Beef Salad from Sumo Salads. There's one particular guy at the Galleria who is sooooooo good at making it, and if he's there, then so am I......

Tuesday 29 April 09:28am

shatyr replied to topic Cosmetic surgery....

Id love to get my boobs done, nothing big, I just that "fullness" back again.

Tuesday 29 April 07:14am

shatyr replied to topic Boy & Girl name opinions

I like: Jaida & Jedd

Tuesday 29 April 07:11am

shatyr replied to topic HELP - 10 day count down and not sure on a name

I love Skyla Grace, its a beautiful name! Zahara would prob. be shortened to "Z" and Amarli would prob. be shortened to "Ma" or "Marli" Esp. when she starts schools and makes friends, or even by fa...

Tuesday 29 April 07:06am

shatyr replied to topic do you like your first name?

I love my name, Im the only person that has it, it consist of 11 letters, but is shortend to 4 letters, if your not a kiwi then its very difficult to pronounce, LOL, and it makes it hard for anyone...

Tuesday 29 April 06:39am

shatyr replied to topic Dyson Vac???

I finally convinced DF in Jan to buy one, and he really thought it was a waste of money, until we got home and he pulled it out of the box and used it! The empty thing that holds the mess, allows y...

Friday 25 April 10:23am

shatyr replied to topic Baby Thermometres

I also have the digital one that goes in the mouth, and under the ear, and it works well for me! I use to have the one, that you put in the ear, but my blimmin kids broke it, and that one was reall...

Wednesday 23 April 09:05pm

shatyr started new topic GRRRRRR!

I know I very rarely post in here, but needed to let out some, frustration and sadness! We are suppose to be getting married in 25 days, the stinkin prob is: Df asked for 3wks off, which wasnt a p...

Wednesday 23 April 12:11pm

shatyr replied to topic Want too talk to other mummys whos partners/Husbands that do FIFO

Mine does fifo too, but he goes international, working Off shore! his last stint was for almost 10wks! His stint before that was 8 wks, before that was 6wks, well you get my drift, LOL! Hes only su...

Tuesday 22 April 08:11pm

shatyr replied to topic I feel like a woman!!!

LOL, yes my hair went back to complete "Ugly" again, I was soooo bummed out, but I have my very own hair straightener, so when I wash it, I leave it overnight and then straighten it the next day, w...

Tuesday 22 April 08:04pm

shatyr replied to topic Thread about Personal Question, has me interested!!!

On my 13th b'day, he was my first boyfriend from the age of 12 to 16, then I had to moved to OZ, my heart broke so badly and took almost 5yrs to get over it, even when I met DF! Im now 27yrs old an...

Tuesday 22 April 07:52pm

shatyr replied to topic Might be too personal for some!

My DF is my 3rd........ My first was my "highschool sweetheart"

Tuesday 22 April 07:42pm

shatyr started new topic Wedding Cakes

Hi ladies, Just wondering if someone in Perth can recommend a cake shop? One that is affordable but can still make it look nice! My DF has gone completely over the top with inviting waaaaaay too m...

Tuesday 22 April 07:29pm

shatyr replied to topic MIL or daycare?????

Hiya, Maybe you could leave DS with MIL for one day just to see how she copes, and put him in daycare the other day? Would that be possible?

Monday 21 April 10:59am

shatyr replied to topic UNION OR LEAGUE

Mmmmm, Daniel Carter........... hehehe!

Monday 21 April 10:53am

shatyr replied to topic I feel like a woman!!!

I absolutely know the feeling! Every nce in a while, I would get my hair cut and sometimes coloured, but NEVER blowed dried, as my hair is really, really thick and long! But a few months back, I we...

Monday 21 April 10:47am
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