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Tobeymum replied to topic when did yours walk

Just thought I would reply for all the late walking babies out there!!! My DD (first child) didn't walk until 18 months.... we were a little worried about her but everything else was perfectly nor...

Wednesday 03 May 10:31am

Tobeymum replied to topic weight loss after baby

You go girl!!! I am in the same boat... 9 weeks since and I have a few too many kilo's hanging around - I started my "get rid of baby fat" campaign on Monday... so far so good but no kilo's gone...

Thursday 06 April 03:35am

Tobeymum started new topic Tranisitioning from 3 to 4 hourly feeds...

My son Tobey is happily on 3 - 3.5 hourly feeds during the day - last feed at 6 and then a dream top up at 10pm and he sleeps through until 6. He is now 8 weeks old and I am hoping to get him into...

Monday 03 April 12:31pm

Tobeymum replied to topic It's Time To Sleep

I am also doing the feed/play/sleep routine and it works beautifully... Tobey does have trouble getting to sleep sometimes so I let him cry for a max of 5mins before I go in and let him know it is...

Saturday 18 March 04:25pm

Tobeymum replied to topic 6 wk old sleeping for 6-8 hrs at night

Hi! I also have a 6 week old who has been doing the following sleep pattern for the last week... (excuse the detail but I am desperate for the extended night to kick in!!!!) We do a rollover feed...

Saturday 18 March 03:18pm

Tobeymum replied to topic PND AGAIN! HELP HELP HELP

Hey Kyle's Mummy.... I know exactly how you feel! I think perhaps it would be good to just focus on each day at a time... I too had the panic about sleep, couldn't eat etc etc. My Mum was reall...

Sunday 12 March 07:24am

Tobeymum started new topic Problem Sleep - Early Evening Only

Hi - I have a five week old boy (bottle fed) who is on a feed/play/sleep routine - sleeps and settles pretty well aside from going to bed at around the 7pm mark. For the last two nights we have ha...

Saturday 11 March 06:58am
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