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15YearGap replied to topic Clapping?

Crystal is 9 1/2 months and she isn't clapping either. Some of the other bubs around the same age in my Mothers Group have been clapping for a while now, so I was starting to worry until I saw all...

Sunday 22 July 09:03pm


Hi Liz Personally, I don't think it's very fair on the kids to hold off on telling them for too long ... especially kids like yours who are a little older and will probably notice your changing s...

Thursday 07 September 10:52am

15YearGap replied to topic Third or Fourth Degree Tear and Subsequent Births

My ob has simply recommended that I have an elective episiotomy this time around so that the old scar tissue doesn't reopen. I guess it depends on your particular doctor's view on cesarean section...

Friday 01 September 02:01pm

15YearGap replied to topic Sex after havin bub??

Most doctors recommend that you hold off on sex for at least six weeks from a medical standpoint ... and then as long after that as it takes your body to feel comfortable. It's one thing if you ne...

Friday 01 September 07:35am

15YearGap replied to topic GBS

Hi Kristy I'm due to have my Group B Strep swab this week and although I obviously hope it comes back negative, my midwife warned me 1 in 4 women return a positive result . On the up-side, this m...

Thursday 31 August 04:36pm

15YearGap replied to topic hair removal cream.. down there

I've only EVER used hair removal cream ... never waxed or shaved ... and I've continued to use it throughout my pregnancy with no problems. Be aware that the hormones racing through your body at t...

Thursday 31 August 04:14pm

15YearGap replied to topic daddy doesnt want baby

Hmmm ... this is definitely a tough one ... but I tend to think that the way your partner is acting has less to do with 'Daddy PND' and more to do with the him not wanting to go through with this p...

Thursday 31 August 12:16pm

15YearGap replied to topic bubs weight before born????

Well, the sonographer at my 32 week scan told me that bubs looked to be around 2.2 kilos ... but then last week at my 36 week ante natal visit, the doc estimated bub's current weight at 3.2 kilos! ...

Tuesday 29 August 07:47am

15YearGap replied to topic sex to bring on labour?

As far as using sex to bring on labour goes, I've heard it's not just semen that helps ... but also the uterine contractions which occur during orgasm. That said, I've also read lots of studies wh...

Saturday 26 August 03:34pm

15YearGap replied to topic Do you remember the pain of your labour?

I haven't given birth for nearly sixteen years and I used to think it was the pethedine I was injected with that caused me to 'lose' large chunks of time from my first birth, but apparently this is...

Monday 21 August 10:00am

15YearGap replied to topic Is it a good idea for my 4 year old daughter Lilly to be at the birth of her twin sisters

My daughter also wanted to be present at the birth of her sister and although I've been in two minds about it, I'd pretty much decided to let her be there for as long as she could handle it. Howev...

Saturday 05 August 08:40am

15YearGap started new topic Oxytocin Injection to Expel Placenta

At our antenatal class last night, we learnt about the popular practice of administering an injection of oxytocin (or syntocin) to the mother's thigh after birth to encourage more rapid expulsion o...

Friday 04 August 08:11am

15YearGap replied to topic constant fear of birth

I'm with you all the way on this one kat! The thought of having a needle in my spine ... (especially after all the horror stories I've heard about what happens when they don't get the needle in ex...

Thursday 06 July 02:15pm

15YearGap replied to topic Soft serve ice cream

Hi Kel I also read that soft serve icecream isn't safe to eat while pregnant ... (in any form - including milkshakes and thickshakes) ... and my doctor confirmed this for me when I queried it. Ap...

Thursday 06 July 06:48am

15YearGap replied to topic Episiotomy or C-Section

Ooo ... I'm also interested to hear any opinions on this one Mother of One. I too had a nasty tear with my first bub which never fully healed ... (still bleeds a little during sex - sorry if TMI)....

Wednesday 14 June 08:58am

15YearGap replied to topic Finding out the sex of your baby

Hi Kristy We found out at our 20 week scan that we're having a girl ... although the sonographer wouldn't commit 100% so we'll be sure to double check as I have another scan booked at 32 weeks! ...

Thursday 25 May 10:33am

15YearGap replied to topic Which disposable nappies are best?

For some reason, I just assumed that Huggies nappies were the best ... (or maybe I just got sucked in by that cute little Winnie The Pooh design on them! lol). If you saw a box of 108 for $30.00 ...

Wednesday 17 May 06:35pm

15YearGap replied to topic what care to chose

Hi worried mummy I've also been attending a midwife clinic throughout my pregnancy and was only referred to see an ob once when my midwife wanted a second opinion on something. Initially, I found...

Wednesday 17 May 05:01pm

15YearGap replied to topic Work & Back Pain

Hi Erin It sounds like your boss is being a first rate a-hole about the whole thing ... but what you decide to do really depends on how willing you are to stand up for yourself. Having worked in ...

Tuesday 16 May 03:44pm

15YearGap replied to topic Are my Names Weird?

Hi bec I love the name Sienna ... two thumbs up for that one! Sienna was originally one of my favs but we had a bit of a 'family vote' on names recently and neither my husband nor my daughter are...

Saturday 13 May 10:35am
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