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allyboppa replied to topic Managing after caesar both physically and mentally

Hi, I had 3 Caesars and healed really well with all of them each one was better than the last, although I did not labour, and know from other mothers who had emergency Caesars it was a much toughe...

Saturday 16 July 12:51am

allyboppa started new topic frothy poos

My son is 2 weeks old and is doing frothy poos, does anyone know if this is a very bad thing?

Thursday 30 July 02:17am

allyboppa replied to topic Sleeping for 1 hour

I also think the top up of formula is not the best idea, it will also prevent you from getting enough of a supply as she won't feed as well from you. If you are not in Sydney then there are usuall...

Wednesday 29 July 11:00pm

allyboppa replied to topic Day Sleeping

At the moment I have a 2 week old, who doesn't like to sleep at night, but my other 2 kids were day nappers for quite a while as well. A sleep clinic person once told me to let them stay in bed fo...

Tuesday 28 July 08:49pm

allyboppa started new topic bad day sleeps

Hi there, I have a 3 mth old and he is a really bad day sleeper, I am really lucky that he sleeps fairly well at night but I am lucky if I can get him to have more than 3 40 minutes sleep during t...

Saturday 04 March 08:19pm
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