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SG2DE2 replied to topic Car Seats for 4year old

We have the infa-secure vario delux booster. it is fantastic. it has the adjustable head rest, so as your child grows the seat grows too. it has cup holders and you can use the safe and sound ha...

Tuesday 27 July 07:54pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic Reflux HELP! !

Losec is fantastic. It changed DD2 within less than 24 hours - she was finally a happy baby. Like mentioned above, just dissolving in a small amount of water on a teaspoon or in syringe (never cr...

Tuesday 27 July 07:45pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic Nipple stimulation

What's the verdict? I was having irregular contractions - didn't know I was in labour at the time - and thought what the hell, may as well try it. DS was born less than 2 hours later

Friday 23 July 10:13pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic castor oil???

Get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing or get into the bedroom and have some adult time. The above methods are good for bringing on labour and much safer IMO. Bubs will come in their ow...

Friday 23 July 10:11pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic BF Help Please!!!

It is perfectly normal to have a large supply first thing in the morning, DO NOT STRESS. I had trouble with my first baby and never asked for help. Call the ABA or see your child health nurse. I...

Friday 23 July 10:06pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic Sterilising bottles?

Hot soapy water is all I have ever used for my kids dummies. DD1 was bottle fed from about 4 months and I only microwave sterilised once in a while. my 3rd baby has only had his dummy washed in h...

Friday 23 July 10:00pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic DUMMY! Help!

Just wondering how old your toddler was when you took the dummy away and HOW you did it? and also how long did it take before he/she was settled without one? I know it's time to get rid of it fo...

Friday 23 July 09:56pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic Does isnt excited !!

My partner and I are having a baby ... we are nearly 9 weeks along. All he ever wanted was children and now that Im expecting he doesnt seem excited at all... and seems to brush it off... Am i r...

Friday 23 July 09:51pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic Feel like such a sook...

Thanks ladies!! I have hears that lots of pooping is a sign of labour as well (and this is certainly a new thing, just in the last two days) but what if I don't really have any other signs of lab...

Friday 23 July 02:21am

SG2DE2 replied to topic Feel like such a sook...

My DS is 3 months old now. I had a horrible pregnancy, morning sickness then started the pelvic pain, so whether I walked, sat, slept or stood, it hurt. looking after my 2 girls was next to impos...

Friday 23 July 02:15am

SG2DE2 replied to topic McDonalds for a 1 year old

I know someone who won't let their kids eat anything, except extremely healthy food. That's not a problem. BUT when she goes to a friends place her kids gorge on "unhealthy" treat food. What i...

Friday 23 July 01:58am

SG2DE2 replied to topic Brushing teeth

do it little by little. We sing "this is the way we brush our teeth....." and the girls love it. even if you manage to clean one tooth to start, applaude them then the next day, try for 2 teeth et...

Friday 21 May 12:25am

SG2DE2 replied to topic How many weeks until you were 'engaged' with number 2?

it is not uncommon for 2nd or subsequent children to not be engaged prior to labour.

Friday 21 May 12:12am

SG2DE2 replied to topic 1 week old sleep patterns

When we had our 2nd, we jump up and tended to her as soon as we heard a peep out of her, in fear that she would wake our toddler. I wish we hadn't have done this, as the older child was never dist...

Thursday 20 May 11:59pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic vicks baby balsam

Vicks on the feet is supposed to stop them from coughing. We did it one night with our oldest and it seemed to work

Sunday 11 April 09:04pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic I coughed and now

I would go see your Doctor, physio or Chiropractor. The location isn't all that embarrassing, and let's face it childbirth is a little more invasive than this The longer you leave it, the more pa...

Sunday 11 April 09:01pm

SG2DE2 replied to topic Those whose bubs had/have reflux

Both my girls had reflux. the paed gave us a script for losec and that worked really well. my youngest had silent reflux and was a miserable baby. I still had tablets from my oldest daughter and ...

Thursday 08 April 09:10am

SG2DE2 replied to topic Swine Flu Vac

getting sick after a flu vac is not related to having the flu vac. there are so many strains of the flu, and this vac targets one strain. certainly getting a cold after flu vac is by no means rel...

Monday 15 March 04:09am

SG2DE2 replied to topic being a grandparent

Provided that the grandparents are fit and able to safely provide care, I feel they do have rights. there are circumstances where I do believe it is inappropriate, but just because you don't get a...

Monday 15 March 04:03am

SG2DE2 replied to topic YOUNG MUMS

,, [Edited on 18/09/2007]

Wednesday 19 September 11:17am
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