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HugosMum replied to topic How much does your bub have?

Hugo has 3 meals a day - he is 8 mths old - the food has increased since 5 mths, but the bottles haven't really..... 7am - 180ml 11am - 120ml 3pm - 120ml 7pm - 120ml 11pm - 180ml I was quite concer...

Tuesday 02 May 09:48am

HugosMum replied to topic finger food

Hugo's favourites are a little heap of grated cheese, or some white bread (day old) no crusts - soldiers w butter and vegemite, my Mum gives Hugo "Yo-Yo" biscuits too (maybe moisten to start with) ...

Tuesday 25 April 08:32am

HugosMum replied to topic Avacado and what?

The lady in the fruit and veg shop said deseeded pureed cucumber and avocado was great. Hugo really liked it, esp when he had sore teeth - nice and cool....

Tuesday 25 April 08:29am

HugosMum replied to topic 6 month old doesn't like custards/deserts help???

Agree - go with yoghurt - I have one of those EasiYo makers - and I make the 1kg jar of Vanilla (costs about 2.50 - lasts up to 2 weeks) - leave it in the fridge, then stir thru a little pureed fru...

Wednesday 15 March 09:25am

HugosMum replied to topic Morning & Afternoon Snack

Hi Natasha - your routine sounds just like ours - Hugo is 7 months old this week, and funnily enough, I have just found the same thing with him enjoying a small snack after his afternoon sleep. He ...

Wednesday 15 March 09:20am

HugosMum replied to topic To peel or not to peel?

Hi I steamed and pureed zuchini with skin on for Hugo at 4.5 months - no problems. Agree with the skin/nutrients comments - with respect to digestion, it makes sense to me that if the skin is cooke...

Wednesday 15 March 09:15am

HugosMum replied to topic When is the right time to use a Pillow?

Call me terrible, but Hugo has had a wide, VERY flat pillow since he was 4 months old - I got it from Ikea and he is very attached to it...goes in pram, cot and portacot - I think it has his "smell...

Sunday 12 March 10:59am

HugosMum replied to topic Egg

I think another thing to consider is that the egg is very well no runny yolks...I was told 9 months for a well cooked scrambled egg.

Sunday 12 March 10:48am

HugosMum replied to topic Alternatives to rice cereal as well as apple/pear in first weeks on solids

Hi I've mentioned this before in posts, but I had a really good experience with "Bellamy's Organic Porridge" - Hugo hated farex etc - but loves this - I mix it each morning - a heaped teaspoon of d...

Sunday 12 March 10:45am

HugosMum replied to topic RICE CEREAL HEINZ OR FAREX BEST

I don't know the answer to your son hated them both, but have you looked at te "Bellamy's" organic range? The only supermarket you can get them at is Woolies/Safeways - a bit more ex...

Wednesday 08 March 09:59am

HugosMum started new topic icecream

Hugo is almost 61/2 months old and has had solids since 4 months - he has had little tastes of dad's vanilla icecream and looks very longingly at it! I am unsure if it is ok to give him a small amo...

Monday 06 March 09:59am
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