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Lee OK

Lee OK replied to topic DOGS.....

Hi Tania, Kazi has given you the best response. We have a DD that is 6 1/2 months. We also have two staffies - 13 years and 7 years old. They have always been inside pets. When I fell pregnant, we ...

Saturday 24 June 04:52pm
Lee OK

Lee OK replied to topic BF baby - how often?

Hi Maggie, My little girl was BF exclusively until 4 months. I was a demand feeder and generally she didn't go without milk for than 2 hours and 3 hours was an absolute stretch. Sometimes the time ...

Tuesday 20 June 04:05pm
Lee OK

Lee OK replied to topic How much is too much?

We have discussed this in our mother's group. We all agreed that if our bubby has had enough they show signs like turning their heads from side to side, pursing their lips, gagging or crying. We al...

Monday 12 June 04:16pm
Lee OK

Lee OK replied to topic 6mths + FOODS?????????

My little girl has been feeding since 4 months. She is now 6 months. For brekky, I give her Farex with fruit and for dinner, I make my own veggies for her. For lunch though, I give her tinned or bo...

Monday 12 June 04:07pm
Lee OK
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